Feel Like Adonis

By Catarina Figueiredo Soares

Adonis is the name of the skincare brand but was also, in Greek mythology, the symbol of youth and remarkable beauty, personified as Adonis. Some men like to take care of how they look and also feel fresh. Is your boyfriend trying to become an Adonis and spend longer in the bathroom than you do? Maybe he would be interested in these Adonis skincare products that are purely for men and to make them look and feel like a modern-day Adonis, as they should. Whilst also looking your best, Adonis is also taking steps towards making the planet a better place. Come discover these all natural and vegan products, here in Feel Like Adonis.

Adonis launched in London, UK, recently. Their aim is to give men ethical and vegan products for them to look and feel their best. The products are specifically for men and range from moisturisers to even makeup. When you buy the products you also give back to the communities around the world. Through The NOR (Arabic word that means ‘light’) Foundation, 5% of Adonis annual profits go to causes around the world that support people and protect nature. Showing a curated list below to display the products and how they can help on your day-to-day life.

We are all aware that every skin is different and has distinct needs. To achieve the best results there are three moisturisers to choose from . The Adonis London Moisturiser for Men will help soothe and reduce redness, rebalance the skins natural oils and improve skin tone. All of this through natural oils such as frankincense, myrrh, grapefruit, shea butter and aloe. With organic pomegranate and green tea, the Adonis London Superfood Moisturiser, will deeply nourish, brighten, hydrate, and reduce signs of sun damage on the skin. If it isn’t enough, they still offer tinted moisturiser to even the skin tone and make you look fresh. 

Feeling like the fast-paced days are showing on your skin? The Anti-Ageing Face Mask will leave the skin feeling rejuvenated and firm. There is also a Collagen Eye Mask to reduce the dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, so it is possible to do long nights working and still wake up looking gorgeous. To get rid of the old skin, the Exfoliator for Men will smooth, brighten, and show the younger skin while preventing skin damage. To top it all, there is still the Adonis London Concealer Stick for Men that will quick fix some imperfections you might see and simultaneously nourish and heal the skin. 

Ingrown hairs and rashes are tiring and painful. To prevent this, Hoosh created a hair-free and silky-smooth skin with the new Vegan Hair Removal Cream. Like the previous brand, Hoosh also offers a vegan and all-natural product designed specifically for men. With aloe vera, coconut and chamomile oil, provitamin B5 and more, caring for the skin is much easier.

For men to take care of their skin, look louche and handsome these products might become a day-to-day use. Joining the practical to the ethical, these products help take care of the skin and look like a modern-day Adonis.

To find out more about Adonis’s skincare and makeup range go to Adonis London. To discover more about Hoosh visit Hoosh website.

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