Feet in Rhythm

By Jo Phillips

Ginga is the pleasure, rhythm, joy and the Brazilian idea of cool, fluid movement. The spirit of fluid Brazilian movement,
 an almost mystical quality of rhythm and flow
 therefore Ginga goes hand in hand with the beat of Brazilian music, which is of course the great inspiration for Capoeira dancers and Carnival performers. It was this feeling that inspired the creation of Mo:vel trainers. The brand was born from a team of four united by a common interest – to bring the power of healthy movement into the world of footwear fashion (after all móvel means mobile or moving in Brazilian Portuguese).

Mo:vel have collaborated with several artists in order to have really fresh designs.

Brazilian graphic designer André Coelho Moreira has over twelve years experience under his belt, having worked with some of the worlds biggest brands, Nike, Philips, and Brahma to name a few.
He has now collaborated with a launch collection of Mo:vel trainers with his designs influenced by the rhythms of Axé and Bossa Nova of all things.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 17.06.59

Bahia White Bossa Nova 1 Low Cut


Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 17.07.07


Rio Grande Black Bossa Nova 1 High Top

Love a bit of Bossa Nova?

Living between two of Brazil’s most beautiful cities, Sao Paulo and Horizonte, André Brunoa Nunes Coelho
alongside his graphic design work is currently the Design Coordinator at contemporary art museum  Inhotim where he also works on ceramic, stationary and accessories for their store.

São Paulo White Axé 4 Jogger by Bruno Nunes side view

Sao Paulo White Axe 4 Jogger

Bruno Nunes collaborated with Mo:vel for S/S15 with conversational illustrations inspired by Axé
and Forró, so here some music here

Since childhood Bruno has enjoyed the art of story telling through his pictures, a graduate of the School of Design in Minas Gerais, Nunes started by drawing with his brother in his home town of Belo, Horizonte.

The brand have recently teamed up with acclaimed filmmaker Mollie Mills to create a short film

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