Fill the Car

By Jo Phillips

A good scent that is everywhere is a wonderful thing. Walk into a room where there is a divine candle burning filling a room with a divine aroma that lifts your spirits. But what if you could have a heavenly perfume in your car so as you drive around a delicious scent is always with you? Meet the new Acqua Di Parma collaboration with Poltrona Frau on the new car diffuser. find out more in Fill the Car Here

Poltrona Frau is a furniture-maker founded in 1912 by Sardinian-born Renzo Frau in Turin, Italy, and Acqua di Parma the fragrance and lifestyle company that is all about Italian savoir-faire. Together these two giants have collaborated on a Car Diffuser, the Lucky Charm Special Edition.

An ultimate in travel companionship, and a source of well-being, the brand new Car Diffuser is dressed in an exclusive Pelle Frau® amaranth red, a new addition to the three colourways initially presented in April.

The new Car Diffuser combines formal purity, high-performance materials and unique scented compositions. Its circular shape recalls the iconic boxes of Acqua di Parma and is enhanced by the essential light design of the two parts that form it. The leather case in highly-prized PELLE FRAU®, with hot-printed logos of “Acqua di Parma” and “Poltrona Frau”, and the inside part that contains the refills of the Maison’s own fragrances.

Beautifully crafted leather combined with the radiant freshness of the fragrances of the Acqua di Parma Home Collection. It is possible to load the Diffuser, choosing from nine compositions of the Maison. Luce di Colonia, Buongiorno, La Casa sul Lago, Oh, l’Amore, Aperitivo in Terrazza and Profumi dell’Orto, evocative of the most typical Italian moments. Arancia di Capri, Fico d’Amalfi, Mirto di Panarea, to find the breath of the magnificent landscapes of the Italian also when travelling. Original perfume suggestions also for the Milan fragrance, with the Poltrona Frau signature, and evocative with its modern sophisticated tones of the design capital.

This version is a special edition to the range. Designed to spread fragrance and joy, this colourful design object will bring luck to all your days. And of course, fill your own car with utter joy.

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