First Dance

By Smriti Agrahari

Many good things did emerge from lockdown: Strange to say but it did give many of us time, such a rare commodity. Were you one of those people that got to experience something online that you may well never have been engaged in before? One example of something you may have got to see was the Annual Emerging Dancer 2020 from the Royal Ballet. This forum gave young dancers of the company the opportunity to show their skills learned. A chance for viewers to see the new breed of dancers coming through training. On top of that, it was a wonderful opportunity for those who may never, for whichever reason, have got to a ballet performance. This was a wonderful moment for those to watch a set of performances from the newest dance talents. Read first dance and see the best raw new talent.

Originated in the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century ‘ballet’ was a highly technical concert dance form that later made a global impact. As the dance form has paved fame for celebrated internationally renowned dancers, The English National Ballet bought an opportunity for their upcoming rawest, newest talent to exhibit their skills to a far wider audience. They presented the dancers online for the very first time.

On this special occasion, a wonderfully rare opportunity to get to see these young talents, although some viewers got to be present at a live event maintaining social distance the remaining online watchers, engaged virtually in this dance spectacular. Opening up a world of classical dance to a new audience. New talent seen potentially by a new audience.

The top-level performance was aided by a live orchestra that added to the rich experience streaming from Production Studios at London City Island.

An unforgettable occasion to be part of the affair and witness the six finalists perform in duets, one classic with the other performance in contemporary dance.

Introducing the pairs, Miguel Angel Maidana with his partner Carolyne Galvao and Diana and Actaeon both of the two pairs, choreography by the very acknowledged ballet dancer Jeffery Cirio.

Emily Suzuki and Petipa’s Satanella pas de deux, bestow the audience with the best penchee. For readers who are not aware of ballet, Penchee is a classical ballet term for leaning with the other arabesque above 90 degree. Portraying the woman, deep down drained emotionally, being pacified by the supportive mate. The clash of emotions was well portrayed by the choreographer Sabina Quagebeur.

Ivana Bueno and partner William Yamada bought a power-driven performance in both classic pas de duex and contemporary Full Out, under the choreographer Mthuthuzeli November. The staging was captivating. Ivana Bueno undoubtedly the winner who was voted by both Royal Ballet dancers Edward Watson and Natalia Osipova and the audience, won the 11th Annual Emerging Dancer 2020.

Ivana Bueno, the winner of Emerging Dancer 2020

The virtual audience was able to sense the energy and wonder of the ballet performed, and the musicians present. For any first-time viewer, it was a great starting point to immerse in this classical style of movement. Ballet can be seen to be a little intimidating to go and watch live but the present scenario of staying at home gave many a newbie to experience this event; discovering the world of ballet and of new raw young talent. 

For those who missed the first dance, it is still available to view here.

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