Fit or Free?

By Jo Phillips

Fitted wardrobes or freestanding ones – which is best?

Your bedroom should make you feel calm from the moment you walk through the door. However, all too often, our bedrooms are littered with empty coffee mugs and the dreaded floordrobe.

A minimalist design makes it much easier to clean and tidy your bedroom. Take everything out of your bedroom and create a pile of things you do not need. You might only wear a fraction of the clothing and makeup in your bedroom. It’s time to declutter and make your bedroom a relaxing place.

A storage system can make a big difference to the state of your bedroom. Two bedside tables, three dressers and a huge wardrobe can quickly overwhelm the space. You need enough storage for all of your belongings – without it taking over your room.

If you’re not sure which wardrobe to buy, here is a quick list of the pros and cons of each.

Advantages of freestanding wardrobes

You can start with an affordable freestanding wardrobe before investing in something higher quality. Freestanding wardrobes can be moved to any location in your home – and they can come with you to a new house. Equally, they are easy to replace and sell if you decide on a new furniture style.

Disadvantages of freestanding wardrobes

The main disadvantage of a freestanding wardrobe is the wasted space. They usually have space underneath and on top. You could put a few storage boxes on top to maximise the space available – but it doesn’t always look aesthetically pleasing. Freestanding models come in limited sizing options, and they may not work for your room measurements. They could make your room feel smaller and cluttered.

Advantages of fitted wardrobes

On the other hand, fitted wardrobes have a seamless and efficient design. They can be customised to the space and your sense of style. They can be fitted from floor to ceiling, maximising the space inside the wardrobe. You won’t need to dust on top of the wardrobe or try to squeeze a storage box underneath. Fitted wardrobes are perfect for awkward spaces, with sloping roofs and small alcoves.

Disadvantages of fitted wardrobes

You can’t move fitted wardrobes to another room or house. They are designed for the space, and they will stay in that space. It can make it difficult to completely change the room’s décor when the wardrobes stay the same. Of course, you can always repaint them to blend in with your new interior style. Fitted wardrobes tend to cost more, but you can organise a payment plan to split the cost.

Upgrade the wardrobes in your bedroom this year, and bid farewell to the floordrobe.

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