Flip Flop Through the City

By Jo Phillips

Flip Flops rule the world!

They are probably one of the most worn styles of footwear (obviously in hotter climbs) across the globe and Brazilian brand Havaianas is the world’s largest producers working since  1962. As a celebration of their global appeal, they have created a project called Local Soul which is about giving local artists in 3 locations, Ibiza, Tel Aviv, and Mykonos, the chance to use Havaianas as a canvas to showcase their design and inspiration.

Alongside this, the company will be taking over a beach venue in each location for the whole summer bringing a little touch of Brazil with a special music session each week, and one very special headline event in each location over the summer, with the events open to all.

As for the artists, Rafi Perez represents  Tel Aviv, a native of this city who is known for his colourful artworks focusing on the city itself and the lively LGBTQ community who live and visit the city.

Athenian Marina Vernicos, however, takes her photographic inspiration from the beauty of Mykonos whose seascapes, architecture, and landscape all serve as muses for her work.

Finally, the World Family Ibiza whose own story is told in their design for the project. As fashion and textile designers their embroidery plays on the warmth of the island and the iconic XYZ rock as seen from the beach where Alok and Merel first met over 30 years ago.




These 6 pairs (2 per location) are only available to buy from selected retailer in either Ibiza, Tel Aviv or Mykonos – so if you are lucky enough to be visiting these special places over the summer one of these could be an exclusive reminder of your trip!



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Visit the site for Havianas-store.com  here

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