Flower and the Desert

By Jo Phillips

The Arabian Desert;  a vast wilderness in Western Asia. Stretching from Yemen to the Persian Gulf via Oman,  Jordan and Iraq. It is the fifth largest desert in the world; an enigma. At its centre is one of the largest continuous bodies of sand in the world. Living in the desert find Gazelles, Oryxes, Sand Cats, and Lizards, species that survive in this extreme environment, as well the ecoregion is home to 310 bird species and about 900 species of plants. But it is not an area where you will see roses growing well except for the contrary nature of the desert rose, not the sort we know as garden or house plants. Yet the latest release from Molton Brown is an ode to this region and is called Roses Dune. Find out more here in Flower and the Desert

The Arabian desert ecoregion has little biodiversity, although a few endemic plants do grow there. Not the place to see the majestic rose however magnificent these dunes may be. Its vastness however is breathtakingly beautiful miles of golden hills undulating, with the wind patternation on the sands.

There is in fact a desert rose, which isn’t actually a flower, but a rose-like formulation of crystallised mineral shapes. A succulent, shrubby perennial with very swollen stem-like caudex tapering to a branched apex bearing small clusters of red, pink or white flowers.

Yet in this desert, this rich golden sand palace, there is inspiration, even a mirage, to the scents of the surrounding areas that call through its dusty hillsides.

Image by Pexels

Deep woods, Ambery notes all held by the rays of the relentless sun, alongside spices that linger on our tongue, filling our imagination as we look towards the distance, seeing camels with leathery saddles plodding through to promises of water and gardens from this mystical place.

Maybe it is the majesty of the area that bought perfumer Perfumer Phillip Paparella to bring together the most majestic flower with the almost haunting tundra to create Molton Brown’s newest scent and collection; The Rose Dunes collection, because yes deep in this scent is the real Rose an ode maybe to its desert doppelganger.

Think of the scent of Rose Dunes as a layering of floral, ambery and woody notes craftily melded together and coming up the rear of this key trio find succulent Cassis, delicate spice of Saffron, and a green powder facet from Violet leaf and final warmth of Pepper. Think of the sun’s golden orb setting in this mysterious abode.

True to its mystical name, the lead ingredient in its heart find Rose, Cinnamon and Geranium add to the base of Patchouli Sulawesi, Moss and Amber, completing this collection.

Four versions of this scent have been created

A luscious pink and swirling gold body wash and white light body lotion both leave the skin with a kiss of scent, the body wash is all Ambery-Rose with Cassis and earthy Patchouli Sulawesi whilst the body lotion leaves its hin of ambery-rose scent on softly moisturised skin.

The Eau De Parfum is sumptuous again dipping into a floral-ambery bloom of spicy saffron, velvety rose with the added facet of deep Oudh accord. The patchouli also brings depth. Because of its dusty deep notes, the perfume lends itself to being worn by anyone, not a scent that is driven by gender.

Top notes: Saffron, green Pepper, Cassis, Ginger, Violet leaf, Bergamot
Heart: Rose, Geranium, Lily of the valley, Magnolia, Raspberry
Base: Oud, Leather, Sandalwood, Musk, Vetiver.

The Eau de Toilette brings a slightly lighter scent to the mix, this scent incarnation is said to be slightly fresher than its earthy Eau de Parfum counterpart. Again a gender-neutral scent with still plenty of lasting power.

With sustainably sourced patchouli from Sulawesi, Indonesia for its intensity and high quality, the improved cultivation process not only enhances the livelihood of farmers but helps preserve the soil. The patchouli roots are dug up as part of soil tilling and alternate crops are planted 15 months after harvest to allow the soil to restore its nutrition.

The brand Molton brown also adheres to formulas that are 100% vegetarian and 97%of their products are vegan. They are dedicated to reducing virgin materials, with the plastic bottles created with 50% recycled PET. Lastly, their nearby Elsenham manufacturing facility is carbon neutral.

So if the majesty of the desert is calling and you can’t quite get there why not journey via a bottle of scent or even a washing and moisturising routine?

Find the whole Rose Dune collection here at Moltonbrown.com

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