Flowers meet Musks

By Fatou Diop

What do terms like, Temperament, Devastation, Character, Nobility, Passion and Sweetness mean to you? Would you be surprised to learn these are actually names of perfumes? In 2014, Francois Hénin started a range of scents so special they were only made as extraits. An extrait is the most powerful of perfume types, because it has the highest amount in scent ingredients which means they are the strongest types of fragrance you can wear and because of that these bottles of joy last longer on the skin. Find out more in flowers meet Musks Here.

Francois Hénin created the perfume brand JÉROBOAM in 2015, after having had a long and fantastic career in perfumery which includes his empire the perfume stores, Jovoy which is the largest niche boutique in Paris, offering more than a hundred brands today. He says about fragrance:-

Perfume is not only a pleasure for each and all of us. It is certainly not an accessory or something futile. It is part of you and how you want the world to feel when in your presence, an extension of your personality.” 

The newest scent to his Jeraboam collections is called Floro and is a celebration of the wealth of natural products from mother earth via fruits and flowers and a little bit of mystique thrown in for good measure

The Names are hints to emotions rather than so often in perfumes the ingredients, his chosen titles give hints towards the elegance of these bottled elixirs. This then also gives the perfumes a place of real difference in a rather busy marketplace which allows them to stand out which is in keeping with the standard of the scents themselves.

The brand introduce their latest juice to the market. Meet their floral fruity juice fragrance Floro a celebration, of these ingredients. Floro is a decadent fragrance in a 30 ml falcon of pure joy.

At the head of this scent we can find juicy Pineapple, alongside red and green Apples. In its heart we find regal floral notes of Jasmine, alongside Sandalwood, bringing a transparent and floral facet. Finally, at the base we have Cedar-wood, with dry wood and white musk.

Yet this perfume has an unusual ‘persistence’ that has been created around a cocktail of musks. This “ball of musks” (as he describes them) distilled into a perfume extract represents a new angle for the founder François Hénin.

Musk is an aromatic material that is widely used in perfumery as a base note. Originally coming from glandular fluids from animals like the deer but thankfully now, are produced synthetically in a laboratory. Distinctive, pungent and sensual, this is a magic note.

Also a central passion of this perfume is a floral bouquet with an opening of fruits to make it jump with joy. It finishes with woods and musks to settle on you skin as a creamy soft seductive finish.

This new elixir Jeroboam pays respect to flowers that, beyond their fleeting beauty, emit seductively scented promises, whilst honouring the subtle charms they employ to captivate or simply entangle their prey.

Romance and passion; your skin will have a mixture of sensations and emotions on.  And what is a life without these sensations, this joy, this wizardry ? We all know that perfumes possess their own magic touch of utter joy .

The nose behind the fragrance, who worked directly with Francois Hénin is independent parfumer Vanina Murracciole, a woman who earned a degree in chemistry before attending the prestigious Institut Supérieur International du Parfum, de la Cosmétique et de l’Aromatique Alimentaire (ISIPCA) in Versailles.

After graduating she spent several years at Mane, in Milan and then in Grasse before moving to Jean Patou and working with master perfumer Thomas Fonataine on a freelance basis. Since 2012, she has worked as an independent freelance nose, creating fragrances for such houses as Jovoy, Jeroboam and Le Galion.

This incredible fragrance may well win the hearts of women and men alike but as alway with any fragrance from this brand it will seduce you, hypnotise you and pull you in, as any excellent perfume should.

To find out more about the scent Jeroboam Flora, please visit here.

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