Flowing; M&J Candles Launch New Summer Scent

By Jo Phillips

resized candle

Our sense of smell is one of our most intoxicating and powerful senses which, as we all know is heavily connected with our emotions and memory.

Some could question whether purchasing and burning candles is an ethical way to spend our money and time, but not to worry… London based company M&J candles were founded by the notion that true luxury does not need to compromise ethical standards!

M&J Luxury Candles embraces a high level of integrity and environmental standards within its core business mission. Each product is designed and developed with the environment in thought and nurtures the fostering of sustainable methods of production. Candles are hand-poured using 100% eco-soya wax and delicately presented in boxes created and sourced from the UK.

The fragrance industry is extensively built upon the idea of developing scents to convey a considerable array of feelings. This June, M&J Candles will unveil their new summer scent, Larkin. Their chosen blend of scents immediately allow you to immerse yourself in environmentally friendly luxury. The exceptionally delicate scent of ylang ylang flows around the room whilst the tranquil properties of basil, geranium and neroli gently lingers to create a sense of serenity and harmony.

In a world where the environment is a constant and universal issue, you can rest in the knowledge that by treating yourself to an M&J candle you will be able to purchase that little bit of luxury which you deserve and was created with sustainability in mind.

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