Flowing; Music and Scents with Jusbox.

By Jo Phillips

Music flows to our ears. Scents flow to our nose. When the two combine, we have a cocktail of emotions and feelings that hit our senses. This combination is the essence of the new expedient by Jusbox.

Jusbox is an exclusive range of luxury fragrances inspired by the connection between perfume and music. With two new fragrances, the brand participates in an inspired, summer celebration called ‘Music Matters at Selfridges’. The event runs from 26 June to 18 October at Selfridges stores London, Manchester and Birmingham.

What is the essence of this expedient? How are music and smell are related?

Everybody is crossed by emotions every day. Who feels nostalgic, who feels relaxed, who is tired and needs a boost of energy. In general, we have emotional needs. In this case, music holds an important role. With its diverse genres, music elicits psychological, emotional, cognitive and behavioural responses. Recent researches have also proved this. Music has always been the “alternative” medicine to our mental wellness and boosts our physical health. How? When we listen to our beloved music, the brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel good, and it decreases stress hormone Cortisol in our body. In other words: better quality of sleep, less depression and cheered up spirit!

What about smell then? It’s more or less the same. We have to think first of all about the connection between nose and brain. The olfactory system is linked to the limbic system that is responsible for processing emotions and memories. Therefore, smell influences mood and behaviour. Fragrances and odours, like music, can enhance and improve our well being; they directly deal with the nervous system, so positive olfactory memories improve self-confidence and distress.

Let’s have a look now at the two fragrances:


Live n Loud_rgb_opt

JB Live n Loud 78ml grey rgb_opt




The music genres for energy boosts:

Disco & Hip Hop

Rock & Latino

Punk & Heavy Metal


Live’n’Loud is a scented compilation whose notes reproduce, through the aroma therapeutic power of smells, similar beneficial sensation as music genres. It conveys playlists that boost the mind. An opulent yet celebratory fragrance which starts with a hint of Disco and Hip-hop and then turns into more sensual accords of Latino and Rock. Punk and Heavy metal perform in the end to give power and adrenaline. Dominique Ropion played with spices, flowers, woods, amber and leather, to convey energy and zest.

The perfect ingredients for an energy boosts are in this scent: Citrus, flowers, spices, resins and woods. From the olfactive family point of view, it is an oudy floriental fragrance which is opulent and celebratory.



Feel n Chill_rgb_opt

JB Feel n Chill 78ml grey rgb_opt

Don’t feel energetic? Just relax then, and here there are suitable music genres and the suitable fragrance:


Classic & Mainstream

Reggae & New Age

Latino & Blues


Feel ’n’ Chill is a playlist of notes that evoke peace, comfort and calm. A fragrance dedicated to relaxation and lifting the spirits, which starts with a bit of Classic and Mainstream. After, Reggae and New age make your breath follow the rhythm and harmony of the composition and prepare the spirit to the deep accords of Blues and Soul. Dominique Ropion created a fresh, musky, watery melody which will be discreet but very persistent to enjoy your inner peace.

Is dedicated to relaxation and lifting the spirits. Notes are used in order to evoke peace, comfort and calm. This fragrance is a fresh, musky, watery fragrance which will be discreet but very persistent.




The packaging is inspired by a direct link to music. Colour and name define the relaxing and energising attitude of the fragrances. The patterns that characterise the sleeves feature a head wearing headphones listening to music. The headphones are stylized as music notes to emphasise the concept.


About ‘Music Matters’:

In a campaign entitled Music Matters at Selfridges, stores in London, Manchester and Birmingham will host diverse musical moments, as well as exploring the correlative relationship between music and style. Unexpected collaborations which bring together like-minded musicians and designers will animate every Selfridges’ category and department, in store and on Selfridges.com.

“We want Music Matters at Selfridges to celebrate and honour the power of live music. We hope the campaign will remind visitors to our stores of the intrinsic value and originality of the music experience. It’s so important that we support our cities’ independent music venues where these unique and formative experiences take place; let’s make as much noise as we can, and think about why music matters so much.”

Linda Hewson, Selfridges’ creative director.

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