Flowing; Safeguard Summer

By Edena Klimenti

The hot summer months are fast approaching. The summer holidays we wait all year for, we count down the days, waiting to embark on our travelling adventures. The streets filled with extravagant summer hats and kids with dribbling ice creams, ocean breeze and sand between our toes, picnics in the park, a day at a crowded swimming pool, and a perfect cocktail in the sun. We can’t, however, forget the protection we need during the hotter, sticky days.

All the products you need this summer, we have lined up for you. They will protect your body, hair, and face during the warmer months. Products that are suitable for all skin types, catered to your complexion, hair type, and even preference in terms of application. From body sprays to milk formula lotions, the list is endless. Although we all love to get carried away in the summer, it is important to protect our bodies, hair and skin from the damage the sun can cause. The face products ensure that your skin is kept moisturized and protected from the sun, the hair masks will protect your hair from salt, sun and even humidity, whilst the body products will ensure you are protected during, before and after spending time in the sun – most importantly, protecting you from UVA and UVB rays. Dr Jules Nabet, Cosmetic Doctor and Medical Director at Omniya Mediclinic Knightsbridge highlights the importance of skin care, especially when protecting your skin from the sun.

”It’s a very important to look after your skin before going out in the sun, a deep cleansing facial is a good way to ensure your skin is in its best condition and really hydrated. You are immediately exposed to UV rays when stepping out into the sun which is one of the main causes of premature skin ageing and skin cancer. Before going out into the sun it’s best to put sunscreen on 20 minutes before with the sunscreen being SPF 30 or higher ideally SPF 50 . The sun is at its strongest between 11am to 3pm so staying in the shade during those hours will prevent any severe sun damage.

After being in the sun it’s best to hydrate with water and moisturise your skin to help restore elasticity. If sunburned, wash and cleanse your face as well as apply aloe vera to any area of the skin that is sunburned as this will have a cooling and calming effect on the skin. It is also important to keep an eye on your moles and go to an expert such as The Mole Clinic if you are worried about changing ones.  If you do have any sun damage there are also treatments that can help post summer such as peels and lasers.”


Garnier Ambre Solaire: ‘Sensitive advance spray – 75ml – SPF 50’ A sun cream spray that is ideal for sensitive skin, with a very high SPF ideal for fair skin tones, this spray makes it possible for you to enjoy the brightest of days, without worrying about sun damage.

Lancaster: ‘Sun beauty velvet milk – SPF 30 – 175ml’ A gorgeous milk formula with a medium-high protection, it will leave just the right amount of room for protection and tanning.

Lancaster: ‘Sun beauty 50 SPF sublime tan 50ml’ The comfort touch cream provides the broadest sun protection possible, while also offering protection from infrared rays. The new formula carries their ‘Tan Activator Complex’, meaning you can tan without the damage.

Lancaster Sun sport: ‘Protection in motion 200ml spf 15’ This medium protection spray will see you through even the sweatiest of summers. It’s cooling invisible mist will soothe your skin from the suns heat whilst it’s wet skin application formula will ensure you stay protected even when you’re dipping in and out of the pool.

Garnier Ambre Solaire: ‘Protection lotion ultra hydrating 200ml SPF 20’ This protection lotion helps you hydrate your skin, which is especially essential in the summer months. The medium SPF will also leave your skin protected from the harsh summer sun.

Garnier Ambre Solaire: ‘Ideal bronzing tan enhancing spray 20 SPF 200ml’ This tan enhancer will allow you to build a gradual tan, safely. The medium SPF gives you just the right protection, whilst allowing your tan to shine through.

Green People: ‘Scent free sun lotion high protection 30 SPF 200ml’ This natural, scent free sun lotion will treat your skin without the harsh chemicals, protecting your skin from the harsh rays.

Green people: ‘Natural tan accelerator 15 SPF 200ml’ The natural tan accelerator will allow your skin to be protected, whilst gradually building a natural – but most importantly, safe – tan.

Nuxe: ‘Delicious sun lotion high protection 150ml SPF 30’ This creamy lotion will give you a perfect amount of protection with its high SPF and consistency, which makes it so easy to apply.

Anthony: ‘Day cream 30 SPF 90ml’ This day cream is essential when you are on the move. Allowing you to protect your skin during the day against the harshest suns rays with its high SPF and creamy formula.

Avene: ‘Very high protection spray – 50 SPF – 200ml’ This protective spray has a very high SPF which is perfect for the warmer months, allowing you to enjoy the heat without the worry of burning your skin. This spray is easy to apply, and perfect for when you are on the go.

Eisenberg: ‘Sublime Tan – 30 SPF – 50ml’ This sublime tan will help protect your skin and allow you to gradually tan without the worry of damaging your skin.

Susanne Kaufmann:  ‘Body broad spectrum 100ml’ With SPF 25 and a 70% organic formula with UVA and UVB filters. The nourishing Susanne Kaufman Sun Cream has a fresh fruit scent and weightless texture. The gentle formula is suitable for all ages and skin types.

Mary Kay: ‘Sun screen SPF 50’ The SPF 50 formula provides advanced protection against sunburn and premature aging. This product works great if you’re spending an extended amount of time in direct sunlight.

Mary Kay: ‘Suncare SPF 30 118ml’ This oil-free formula absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling moisturised and nourished. It also helps protect your skin from sun damage.

Nuxe: ‘Sun 200ml refreshing after sun lotion’ This after sun lotion is essential for protecting your skin against sun damage that occurs during the day, leaving your skin feeling soothed and fresh.

Vichy: ’30 SPF ideal soleil spray 200ml’ This invisible hydrating mist if perfect for the warmer months when your skin is in desperate need of hydration and care.

Clinique: ‘Virtu-oil body mist spf 30 144ml’ This sun screen spray has an easy application and absorbs quickly, delivering high level UVA-UVB protection, with a cool feeling when applying.

Vita Liberata: ‘Neroli & Argan milk spf 50 100ml’ With SPF 50 this milk will keep you protected from sun exposure whilst leaving your skin velvety smooth. Neroli oil helps regenerate and balance the skin, whilst Argan oil conditions the skin.

Zelens: ‘Body defence suncream spf 30 silky oil 125ml’ This silky-touch sunscreen oil uses micro-encapsulation technology to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Enriched with antioxidants, it replenishes moisture and combats signs of premature aging.

Vita Liberata: ‘Dry oil self tan SPF 50 100ml’ This triple action dry oil will keep you protected with SPF 50, whilst gradually giving you both a sun-kissed tan and an instant bronzed glow.


Primark: Aftersun spray alo vera 150ml’ This after sun spray is cooling and will protect your skin from all the inflammation that is caused from sun damage.

M&S: ‘Vitamin E aloe vera aftersun spray 200ml’ This Vitamin E and aloe vera complex spray cools and moisturises the skin. Its non-greasy formula means you can use it all over your body as well as face to help minimise peeling and prolong your tan.

M&S: ‘Moisture protect balm aloe vera 200ml’ This rich easily-absorbed balm instantly soothes skin. With its thick texture it provides deep hydration for the skin, whilst prolonging your natural tan.


Susan Kaufmann: ‘Aftersun gel and moisturiser 100ml’ It protects skin from environmental damage, treats inflammation from sun exposure and provides hydration. The gel offers the new key ingredient cube3 –  a hyaluronic serum with three different sized molecules to penetrate the skin – and cardio serum, which is anti-inflammatory.

NEOM: ‘ORGANICS LONDON daily superskin face body hair and oil 100ml’ This wonder oil is perfect to use on your face, body or hair. Sticking to their philosophy, Neom provides three benefits – two for your skin and one for your mind. They’ve packed in safflower oil and jojoba oil to keep skin and hair nourished and hydrated.

Mary Kay: ‘Suncare aftersun replenishing gel 192ml’ An ultralight, cool blue gel containing botanical extract. The quick-absorbing gel leaves skin feeling moisturised and refreshed after a day in the sun.



Susanne Kaufmann: ‘Face broad spectrum sunscreen 50ml’ Formulated with active natural ingredients, this sunscreen delivers long-lasting, waterproof protection from sun exposure. The transparent lotion is easy to use and light-weight with Karana Tree oil used to create a non-greasy, quick absorbing formula.

Clarins: ’30 SPF sun control stick for sensitive areas under eyes 8g’ This sun control stick works wonders on sun-sensitive areas like the nose and shoulders. Apply directly to areas that need the most protecting to prevent sun damage.

Vita Libertas: ‘SPF 30 – 30ml – dry oil serum’ This dry oil serum is a targeted anti-aging treatment, whilst protecting your skin from the sun. the non-greasy dry oil serum gives a stunning, dewy radiant look to the skin.

Perricone: ‘MD Photo plasma 59ml’ Photo Plasma is a new moisturiser that keeps skin hydrated, while protecting against UVA and UVB rays with a non-chemical mineral sunscreen. The moisturiser protects from UVA damage, pollution to extreme cold due to the two key ingredients Titanium Dioxide and Astaxathin.

Emma Hardie: ‘Amazing face protect and prime SPF 30’ The Protect & Prime face cream provides SPF 30 protecting premature aging, sun damage and environmental exposure. The cream also doubles up as a primer, which evens out complexion and blurs the look of fine lines and pores. The cream can be applied under makeup for long lasting results.

Alphah: ‘Daily essential moisturiser spf 50 – 50ml’ This Daily Essential Moisturiser is a 3- IN- 1. The moisturiser hydrates the skin and is blended with antioxidant Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to combat premature aging and keep skin refreshed. The SPF 50 protects for four hours. This product is water resistant.

LA ROCHE: ’50 SPF ANTI SHINE’ The spray SPF 50 sunscreen for the face has an anti-shine formula that ensures long-lasting protection from the sun. Its invisible, light-weight feel makes this a perfect everyday face sunscreen.

LA ROCHE: ‘Posay Antheloisxl non perfume’ This light-weight, high protection SPF 50 facial sunscreen is perfect for the holiday season, and at 50ml it fits perfectly in your carry-on luggage. The non-perfumed formula is ideal for sensitive skin.

M&S: ‘Ultra defence stick SPF 50 6G’ This defence stick provides very high protection for your lips, under eye, nose and any other areas that are extra sensitive.

Nuxe: ‘Delicious cream high protection cream 50 SPF 50ml’ This high protection cream is perfect for the warmer months, protecting your skin from sun inflammation with its high SPF and a cooling sensation when applying to the face.

Nuxe: ‘Delicious cream high protection cream 30 SPF 50ml’ The high SPF is perfect for protecting your face against sun inflammation and allowing room for a beautiful glow.

Jurlique: ‘SPF 40 high protection cream 100ml’ This broad spectrum SPF 40 sunscreen is suitable for face and body. The rich cream combines UVA and UVB sunscreen and with the new Superberry complex it delivers essential vitamins and minerals that condition and protect the skin.

Darphin Paris: ‘Anti aging suncare spf 50 50ml’ This face cream protects you from harsh summer rays whilst preventing premature aging, ensuring to protect your skin from UVA & UVB rays.

OM skincare: ‘Mind body skin invisible finish primer SPF 40 30ml’ This natural alternative to foundation enhances the healthy glow of your skin and gives it a luminous finish. The primer is multi-functioning, with added SPF 40 and illuminating benefits, all the while moisturising the skin.

Clinique: ‘SPF 30 anti wrinkle face cream 50ml’ This anti-wrinkle face cream tightens skin to create a radiant glow whilst protecting from future damage with an SPF 30 UVA and UVB formula.

Clarins: ’30 Crème solaire anti rides visage hydration and anti taches 75ml’ This sunscreen for the face moisturises whilst preventing sun-induced age spots. This high protecting cream is perfect for sensitive skin and its nonesticky formula makes it comfortable to wear all day long.

Green people: ‘Organic lifestyle scent free facial sun cream natural high protection 30 spf non- irritation and non greasy 50ml’ This face cream not only provides your face with authentic, organic ingredients, but the high SPF protection protects your face from sun damage, with a non irritation, non greasy formula.

Origins: ‘Ginzing SPF 40 Energy boosting tinted Moisturizer 50ml’ This tinted moisturizer boosts the energy levels and moisture within your skin. It also helps protect from UV rays and adds a sheer tint for a flawless finish.

Elemis: ‘Pro collagen marine cream spf 30 Anti wrinkle day cream 50ml’ This Pro-collagen cream includes SPF 30 and Padina Pavonica, Rose and Mimosa which are proven to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles in just a fortnight. The cream replenishes skin and gives it elasticity and suppleness, improving the firmness of the skin.

Benefit Specialist: ‘Dream screen benefit – SPF 45 oil free 45ml’ This screen silly matte sunscreen is lightweight and invisible on the skin, absorbing instantly to help prevent skin from ageing and sun damage, whilst also leaving the skin feeling moisturised.



PS Primark: ‘Sun protection – Sun lotion with Golden Shimmer SPF 15’ This sun lotion has a low protection of SPF 15 but gives you an instant glow with golden shimmer running through it. It moisturises for up to 24 hours and is water resistant.

PS Primark: ‘Sun protect clear spray SPF 30’ This clear spray is lightweight and soothing, protecting your skin with its high SPF.

PS Primark: ‘Sun protect SPF 30’ This sun protecting lotion is perfect for protecting your skin from the warm summer months, the high SPF is perfect for preventing sun damage.

PS Primark: ‘Sun protect sun cream SPF 50’ This sun cream will sooth your skin and protect you from sun damage this summer. The creamy formula makes it easy to apply and cools your skin down.

M&S: ‘Sun Smart Ultra Defence SPF 50’ This very high protection lotion is soothing for the skin and protects you against UVA and UVB rays.

M&S: ‘Sun Smart Spray, Sensitive SPF 30’ This sun smart spray is perfect for sensitive skin. With its high protection and easy application it is perfect for the summer months.

M&S: ‘Sun Smart Spray, High Protection SPF 30’ This spray has an easy application and high protection, perfect for the summer holidays.

M&S: ‘Sun Smart Ultra Defence Spray SPF 50’ This ultra defence spray is perfect for applying on the go protection. The very high SPF means you don’t have to worry about sun damage.

M&S: ‘Sun Smart Active SPF 50’ Water resistant, sweat resistant, and can even be applied to wet skin, this active sun spray is perfect for on the go action and has a very easy application process.

M&S: ‘Sun Smart Ultra Defence SPF 50 lotion’ This ultra defence lotion is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Its cooling cream formula is also soothing for the skin, whilst making sure to protect your skin and lock in moisture.





NUXE: ‘Moisturising protective milky oil for hair – 100ml’ This oil spray offers three forms of protection: UV rays, salt, and chlorine. The oil keeps hair hydrated and smooth throughout the day whilst protecting its colour.

M Moroccan oil: ‘Beach wave mousse – 175ml’ The leading hair brand has created a mousse that achieves long-lasting texturised beach waves any time of the year. An upgrade on the classic sea salt spray, this mousse features an argan oil-infused, salt free formula so hair doesn’t dehydrate. The mousse also offers UV-absorbing technology for enhanced sun protection.

Lancaster: ‘Multi-protective hair spray 100ml’ This hair spray provides protection, not only from the sun, but salt and chlorine. This spray will help keep your hair looking shiny and strong even after you’ve hit the beach.

Bumble and bumble: ‘Hair dressers invisible oil hair primer 250ml’ This hair primer protects from heat and UV rays. Coconut oil, Argan oil and Macadamia Nut oil helps transforms hair in six ways – soften, silken, tame, de-frizz, detangle and protect hair.

Kerastase: ‘Soleil anti-damage shampoo- 250ml’ The shampoo is enriched with a UV filter helping to protect your hair from sun damage and preserves hair colour’s radiance.

Kersatase: ‘Anti-damage mask- 200ml’ This mask is specifically designed to treat coloured hair.  The mask protects your hair from breakage and damage induced by the sun and colour treatments.

Davines: ‘SU hair mask 150ml’ This mask was created in order to tackle aging, restoring softness, moisture and shine on even the most dry hair. It is perfect for all hair types and if used after sun exposure the mask will help restore your hair back to its healthy, conditioned state.

Shu uemura: ‘Blow dry beautifier BB cream- 150ml’ This BB cream for hair helps to protect thick hair from blow dry heat. The cream also helps tame frizz and flyaways whilst smoothing hair.

Shu uemura: ‘Blow dry beautifier serum 150ml’ The BB serum is perfect for fine to medium hair, helping to protect it from blow dry heat whilst smoothing hair down.

Aveda: ‘Smooth invision style prep- 100ml’ This style prep serum helps defend the hair against humidity for up to 12 hours, whilst keeping hair glossy and radiant looking.

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