Flowing; the Design of Simple Lines and Fine Shapes in Small Objects

By Jo Phillips

For this month’s, flowing, some small and refined design objects have been selected. They have been chosen for their creativity, for their elegant and smart lay-out. But most of all, to show that even the small objects can convey a sense of charm in their simple lines and fine shapes that flow to our eyes.

Petcube Play



Do you feel sad spending a day out without your lovely pet? Would you like to interact with it even if you are far?

Petcube Play is a stunning design object that solves these problems. Petcube play is the new trendy and innovative way to stay in contact with your pet whenever and wherever you want. The object allows you to check your pet right from your smartphone, with sound and motion detectors. You can talk with your pet and hear it. Also, it has an in-laser toy that allows you to make your pet play, exercise and don’t get bored. With its elegant layout it is suitable to be placed in the part of the house that appeals the most to you. Cool isn’t it?



Minimalist Phone



Imagine your life without Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and company. It is difficult, isn’t it? Everybody lives for them now. However, without them you could feel lighter, you could watch the world with your own eyes, using your own sight. Looking at the world not through a camera lense, really admiring and grasping what surrounds you. Start perceiving the stream of life and the world again. Being free of the anxiety to share a moment instead of living it. With this light phone you can just call. It is a an object that illustrates a simple yet elegant return to the past. It is a reminder of what really a phone was meant to be invented for. Something that we seem to have forgot.




Calming Stone

A method for managing anxiety? Made possible, and it does not deal with yoga or anything similar. It is a design device that fits on our hands and that references Japanese stacking stones in its shape. It prevents panic attacks with lights, sounds, heart rate and skin conductivity monitors, respiration levels and mood response feedback. The Calming Stone is currently at prototype stage and Ramon Telfer is looking for investment in its further development.


3D Doodler Create

3Doodler_Create_Pen_Plastics_14 of 26_opt

3Doodler_Create_Pen_Doodles_21 of 26_opt

We have always once imagined to make our drawings real with a magic wand – like pen. This dream has actually come true, and it is called 3D doodler create! This device is a pen that can make 3D compositions. Bring your drawings, your 2D flat depictions to life. Make your 3D plants, animals, scale models and projects. Whether for hobby or for work, 3D doodler is the smooth, fast and reliable assistant. 3Doodler Create extrudes heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure. It has 65+ colors of plastic, with materials as varied as matte, glossy, clear, metallic, sparkle and glow. Pretty cool isn’t it?


Create Pen_Cherry Blossom 2_opt




We always move a lot during our life. For work, for traveling, or for any other reason. And we are also very addicted to our technological objects such as smartphones and laptops. We always need them charged and ready to use, but often the battery decreases very quickly and we arrive at the end of the day with low battery. LAER is the world’s first smart laptop sleeve that can recharge your devices wherever you want. But there’s more. It can recharge all the devices simultaneously and it has a bluetooth connection. Therefore you can also manage it from your smartphone. It also works as a very elegant case for your laptop and it is very light and easy to carry wherever you go. Laer is the sophisticated and convenient answer to our daily fight against the battery usage.



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