Follow The Scent

By Jo Phillips

Berlin, London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Beverly Hills, Hong Kong, Miami, and Shanghai oh how I wish to be with you. I may not be able to travel to you but if I can smell your scent in my home I can at least feel like I’m there with you. Follow the scent of the city with diptyque’s city collection here.

We will hopefully sooner rather than later be able to travel the world again, to explore and open our senses to what cities around the world have to offer. Sadly we are not there yet, so how can we experience some of our favourite places or those we wish to get to without being there, without being able to get on a train or plane.

What about going there via our sense of smell? Scent, as we know, transports us via our memories or associations.

So, why not try scenting your home with a ‘flavour’ of a place you can’t actually get to? diptyque invites you to travel the world with the limited edition City Candles collection. Find the best olfactory landscapes and unique designs; celebrate cities with unforgettable ambiance.

Usually sold only in their respective cities only, the full City Candle collection will be available in their boutiques and on their website just for 10 days, from 15th to 25th April. Usually only available in their home city, the full collection will be available for a limited period.

From New York to London via Paris… bon voyage in your own mind and heart until we get there in person.

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