Power; For the Love of Art

By Sufana Hammad

Globally, for all of us, our clothes are very personal and intimate part of our lives. Picking out your own clothes represents your individuality. Therefore, when you have items of clothing that are original or very personal then it only makes the 5-minute stare-off between yourself and the mirror before leaving your house a lot richer. Not only do you see a reflection, but you’re also seeing yourself wear something one of a kind gives you a rush, allowing you to leave your house strong, confident and most importantly, empowered.

The São Paulo based artist Kika Simonsen unites her skills as a graphic designer, artist and fashion designer, and launches her creativity into her boohoo-chic brand named after her, that she began back in 2015. The cornerstone of Simonsen’s work is that she paints in her studio and uses her distinctive, personal paintings with the next step in her process, having them digitally printed onto her own material, turning these sensuous fabrics into her clothes.

Every collection of the line begins with a theme. Behind all the paintings and fabrics, the designer incorporates her own personal experiences as well. The theme behind each collection is always related to a specific experience associated with art, culture, society and life. Despite each collection representing a different theme, each collection falls under Simonsen’s fusion of paintings and fashion.

Pushing the boundaries of the fabric used in fashion and establishing her own aesthetic, the Brazilian designer explains that she uses her art as a medium that allows her to contribute into creating a more vibrant, harmonious world.

The brand’s latest A/W 19 collection was created it for the modern bohemian woman, chic and flowy but still practical. The Kika Simonsen full printed dress is the most famous piece of the collection, that contains visible, pigmented brushstrokes. The painting in the form of a dress enables you to look and feel like a work of art no matter where you are.


Going into depth of latest collection, the colour scheme covers a wide variety. From light and earthy tones to bright and bold colours, the designer incorporates shades such as deep blue, washed out green, and mustard yellow. The brand returns with the designer’s love for feminine silhouettes, the full collection includes floaty chiffon dresses, dresses that accentuates your waist, circle skirts, blouses, bodysuits, coats, and blazers.

Merging fashion, art, beauty and personal experience is what this Brazilian fashion line is all about. The brand gives Simonsen a platform in which she can express her art, wear it, and give us the opportunity to wear her art too. Art and fashion might fall into the same creative industry and have overlapped numerous times in history, but, the joining of both creative industries creates a relationship that has no boundaries and limits, by taking universal influences from the canvas, to your wardrobe.

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