Fornasetti’s Secret Garden

By Jo Phillips

Fornasetti Profumi, known for whimsical designs based on the creative harvest of Milanese artist Piero Fornasetti, has released the forth of their archetypal candles in the ‘Fornasetti Profumi per la Casa’ collection. ‘Giardino Segreto Di Fornasetti’ displays quintessential Fornasetti aesthetics in a design symbolising the mystical qualities of a romanticised Italian secret garden. The design features lush emerald foliage, a classical balustrade, and mischievous owls that peek out at you; characters that began appearing in Fornasetti’s interior objects, from wallpaper to lamps and chests of drawers, in the 1950s.

The scent, created by Piero’s son, Barnaba, represents these motifs perfectly. Fresh, bright aromas blend with the dry scents of cistus labdanum and vetiver. With notes of cedar wood, ivy, and bergamot, it embodies the dreamlike mysticism of the design.

Fornasetti Profumi - Giardino Segreto Collection 2 copy

Available from Selfridges London and Harrods.

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