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Who says only women can be perfumed? Can carry a delicious scent around with them? Fragrance as we know can play a crucial role in highlighting a personality alongside the clothes you to wear. Perfumes have an ability to charm, and these days many men are more serious about the way they look including their personal grooming regimes so fragrances are more important than ever. Although perfumes are an invisible part of the personality they can leave a powerful impact over others as well as working as a mood raiser for each of us. Perfume is definitely a feel-good stimulant that can be relaxing, can be mood-lifting, and even act as a confidence booster. Read more about it here in Fragranced and specifically the new launch from Bentley here.

As perfumes and scents become more and more accessible to all of us it’s good to understand what makes us the notes of the fragrances we wear. There is such a wide selection now getting familiar with them only helps us in our own perfume wardrobe.

In reality, we don’t have to adhere to a specific male or female scent. But there are some notes within perfume especially when built together that are more male-centric.


Clean and invigorating, the tangy scent of citrus, such as lemon, lime, orange, lemongrass, and pink grapefruit gives men that fresh out of the shower scent. Citrus notes sit at the top of a fragrance because they ‘burn off’ quickest. They bring a light, bright sometimes even fizzy opening to a scent. You will find citrus opening in both men’s and women’s fragrances. Lemon, for example, is fresh and often used to give a sense of the great outdoor. open-aired feel to a perfume.


Herbs can add a bracing touch to fragrances fresh green invigorating sometimes with an edge of almost antiseptic elements too. Peppermint for example is fresh, clean, and breezy when used in fragrance.

Sometimes it is the leaf that would be used, sometimes the flower of the herb or even the root. Just like many ingredients in scent multiple parts or even facets are utilised. Roses can be the flower as much as the stem, Violets for the leaf rather than the flower.


Flowers are the cornerstone of so many fragrances but there is one that stands out more than others as ‘masculine’

Now one misunderstanding when it comes to lavender is that it is a a herb when it is in fact a flower. It is used in herbal preparations both medicinal and culinary and is appropriate for growing in an herb garden yet it is floral . In perfumery lavender is used for its herby style of smell, which can be manipulated form cool to even warm. And just as another side not it is the same family as mint.

Lavender is often associated with masculinity. There is a good reason for it to be used in so many masculine fragrances. Besides the masculine scent, lavender also has calming and freshness to it. It has been popular in fragrance for centuries and was originally used by men as early as the 1700s. It is now becoming a favored choice for many men because of it’s soothing and calming properties. 

So lavender is one of the wonder ingredients that can bring up a herby cool not or a spicy warm note to a fragrance.


Spicy notes in a fragrance, such as cinnamon, ginger, frankincense, and pink pepper can warm up even the coldest of nights. These scents evoke memories of baking, spice markets, holidays in hot climates. You find them often in the centre of the perfume to bring an emotion of ‘heat’ to the mix. A little like lavender, pink pepper has many facets to it spicey round warm but with sometimes lemon or even rosey facets to it.

Woody/Earthy/Balsamic notes

These scents like sandalwood, patchouli, Amber and rosewood are strong scents commonly associated with the base of a fragrance. The earthy aromas are there almost like the roots of the fragrance to pull the hold set of notes together. Often seen as more masculine however these notes are seen in many bases of perfumes for both men and women. Amber as an example is musky, rich, and even honey-like, and also somewhat resinous, oriental and earthy warmth to it


A staple for most colognes, musk is a rich and sexy, with earthy, animalistic, sensual qualities. It is often used for balancing other ingredients and also helps to fix them, giving a scent a longer life on the skin.

Now with the above as a small overview of what key notes may well make up a men’s fragrance, it’s a good time to introduce Bentley’s newest men’s fragrance. Silverlake Eau De Parfum a perfume that builds layer upon layer of cool aromatic notes evokes an alpine landscape.

The scent opens with a rush of ice-cool notes, as lemon and peppermint essences create the effect of a gust of invigorating mountain air. Facets of violet leaf absolute add to the alpine forest and the cool sheen of lavender almost paints the silver water of a lake. A blend of amber woods and pure white musk give the scent its crisp, modern, long-lasting trail.

Crafted from the highest-quality natural materials, this vibrant new fragrance meets the same exacting standards as Bentley cars. The ingredients are sourced through partnerships with the best producers in the world, aiming to provide the most high-quality, ethical, traceable, and sustainable natural ingredients.

The bottle and its design echo the highest of standards from this brand. Designed to reflect the lines and curves of a Bentley car, the rounded form of the bottle takes on a sleek new elegance with Silverlake. Lacquered in silver, the lozenge-shaped body of the flacon becomes as reflective as the mirrored surface of a mountain lake, and half-transparent, half-opaque like its crystalline waters

The sky blue box reprises the motif at the top, with a band of textured blue knurling on the box (and the bottle lid). Hot-stamped in silver, black and white, the Bentley emblem seems to soar over the name of the scent, inscribed in silver against the blue background.

Bentley for Men Silverlake is available now so for those that love the sense of the great outdoor of adventure and freedom this may well be for you.

To find out more go to for men Silverlake and the other mens fragrances.

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