Frame; ‘Browzzin’ Whilst Working it!

By Jo Phillips

Our digital world is moving so quickly its hard to keep track, yet the more we can do the more we do we do digitally.  More and more worlds are effected by user driven content, but until now the users (unless were mega influencers) were not making any money out of it, so the brands do good, the ‘influencer’ do good but the rest of us just spent money.  Basically unless you had a starting point on 50, 000 followers you could not garner an income stream because you were just too small to bother with.

Then there is the flip side of the digital experience. We also used the amazing technology out there to reaffirm just how popular (or not ) we are.  We share every moment of our lives with not just our friends and neighbours but with people we never met, never knew or are never likely to know.  Because we put images up, others like them, we get followed, we get liked we get reassured.

What about if we were to bring both these experiences together ? i.e we can sell from the images we put up…yes its been done but only works as mentioned before if you have many followers,  but what if you only have 300?  With technology moving at the speed of light (or so it seems) we now can shop snap share and make money even if we only have a handful of followers.

Browzzin, a new fashion app operating out of Singapore and backed by heavy weight fashion industry figures, launched in London on Wednesday. The model takes all the best aspects of existing platforms, supports it with proprietary AI technology and injects a ground breaking off-line inventory discovery feature to create a win-win situation for all.

Shopping is going to the next level, not just for all us shoppers but for retailers too, (after all footfall into concrete stores is down by around 20%) so all are looking for exciting ways forward. Meet Browzzin the newest way to snap and shop whilst making money. Very simply you sign up add photos of things you love either that you have or things that others are wearing and the AI (artificial intelligence)  will search not just for that item but similar ones to. Your followers can then see what you have put forward and they can look to the specific piece or a similar one and buy it. Ok quite simple, but this app goes so much further.

So you are in a local bar after work and you are browzzin your Browzzin app and see the most wonderful pair of shoes that you know are perfect for tomorrow night dinner, Click on it and see you can literally get them at the shop around the corner, no waiting for 24 hour delivery. Just click to see if the store has availability the store will let you know, YES we have them in pink in size 5 so pay and pop round and pick them up

The original person that posted the  image will make a commission,  the shop make a sale and the consumer get thier product super quick, or if wanted it can be delivered  to a home or work address as per usual for internet shopping.


Browzzin’s overarching objective is to empower everyone who loves fashion with faster and easier means of earning an income through social commerce, by rewarding them for creating and sharing through the app. The more the Browzzin community snap, post, tag and inspire– the greater their earning potential. Featuring over 2 million products at launch, the catalogue of designer through contemporary to high street brands is continuously updated for real-time availability.  No need to manually ‘tag’  the technology does all of that, so allows users to spend their time creating great content. On top of that relevant marketing and sales statistics are kept track of  on the App in real time so users can see their own figures.

So now anyone with the app can discover fashion products directly from the photos that inspire them, share the inspirational images on Browzzin and collect commission as a reward for sharing.

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