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By Georgina Sussman

After months of creating and toiling away at their work to form their ideas of crafty perfection , artists will be coming out of their studios and flocking to London for the notorious craft week.

As London Craft Week creeps up on us once again, the anticipation of what has been created and what will be presented is high. Many are looking forward to crafters showing off their innovative and niche pieces, where others are excited to see the classic works of their favourite artists, but there is undoubtedly a lot of buzz in London for craft week. London Craft Week kicks off between the 9th and 13th of May and with many events like Composition & Craft- Pastorals and John Smedley Unveils Artistry with Robert Montgomery and Greta Bellamacina, there’s a lot to look forward to with lots of crafty art pieces framing the city!

If you can’t make it to craft week (or even if you can), Tom Morris’ New Wave Clay is a must-read for those who need a crafty little fix. It’s likely you consider clay a thing of the past, something you used in art class at ten years old, making an ‘incredible’ bowl or plate that somehow went missing at home, surprise surprise, your talent in clay-making was abandoned a week later to focus on your career path as a knitter.unnamed

However, with technology and screens consistently evading our senses, many crafters are rekindling a relationship with clay to create new, physical pieces that haven’t really been experimented with recently in art, which is exactly what this book emulates.  unnamed-2New Wave Clay focuses on the material use of clay as opposed to ownership of the material, noting that clay is not something that has ever been owned. With a Clay-revolution at hand, the stunning book uses a survey to explore 55 ceramicists, who vary between classically trained potters, to product designers, architects and more who all work with ceramics. Although the book features ceramic pots, it evolves further into furniture, sculpture and more, creating a vast range of ceramic wonder.


With Craft Week a week away, and a quick purchase of New Wave Clay, you’re pretty much set for craft galore!

New Wave Clay Available Here.


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