Frame; In Place and Time

By Jo Phillips

We travel with each breath, memories unlocked: sudden snapshots of childhood holidays, all sun-baked and smeared with ice cream, the smell of your dad’s Ford Cortina – cigarettes, petrol fumes, one of those Traffic Light Air Fresheners and thighs stuck fast to hot leatherette seats. A wafting past of an ex’s scent and waves of dissonance, you’re somewhere on a boat with him, he’s kissing you that way he did, you’re in the moment, conflicting emotions and flashbacks of everywhere you ever travelled together uncoiling, unbidden, in a split second of scented remembering. Our noses are hungry to pounce on these time-travel moments we’d forgotten we carried so deeply in our souls, but just as ready to leap upon olfactory odysseys we’ve not yet encountered and, perhaps, never will. Perfumers are inspired by the evocation of place more than any other fragrant stimulus – capturing the elusive, exotic or unexpected essence of somewhere just as travel diaries and scrapbooks (now Instagram and Facebook) attempt to trap fragments of a life well lived. So then, stick a pin in a map, flip a bottle’s lid: where shall we escape to, today…?
Let’s say, for instance, that it’s 1931 and we’re in La Pausa (‘the pause’) – Mme Chanel’s labour of love, her holiday home in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. The double doors are wide open, sunlight streams in through windows clustered together in groups of five (her lucky number), ecru curtains undulate in the Riviera’s lethargic breeze. Perfumer Olivier Polge has created an imagined white flower from a bouquet of many – a sketch of a flower, a place, a woman we never knew but somehow recall. Gabrielle Chanel Eau de Parfum £82 for 50ml
The ozonic fizz of citrus sizzling on volcanic stone; a warm breeze across the Mediterranean carrying salt-laden, herbaceous drifts: the Mediterraneo collection expands to allow jet-setting with every spritz – and now we can hop over to Liguria for a sunny morning’s stroll beside the sea. And wherever we choose to travel in the range, there’s always that blue – that colour so vibrant we could dive into it, somehow encapsulated in scent and rippled through with bitter Chinotto and juicy mandarin, the hot fleshy hedonism of jasmine shot through with a wake-me-for-cocktails zip of rosemary and geranium. Yes. Lets visit all of these islands soon. Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Chinotto Liguria Eau de Toilette £66 for 75ml
Perhaps, instead, we are at the juice stall in Dizengoff, nonchalantly smoking a cigarette and checking out the local talent (but it’s the 70s, so it’s still okay). White sand, white linen shirts worn open to the waist, gold jewellery hot to the touch against tanned skin. Above us men and women flirt across floral bedecked balconies, down at our level the tarmac’s beginning to go sticky in the heat – all around the laughter, the gossip, excitement at being alive in such a place, at such a time and feasting on fresh fruit, guzzling the juice, drinking everything in.
Galavant Tel Aviv Eau de Parfum £65 for 30ml
Pick a bottle – any bottle – and let’s party with Edith Piaf, surreptitiously snog on the upper deck of a Piccadilly bus, circumnavigate the Spice Route while ruling the empire in a ruff, crack open that coconut and gulp the water down, ride a wild horse while the dew still sparkles. Wherever you’re wishing to escape: know that your journey will always be a fragrant one.
 by Suzy Nightingale 

Shot one

Gabrielle By Chanel EDP


Shot two

Left   Ealing Green by 4160 Tuesday EDP

Right Goodbye Piccadilly by 4160 Tuesday EDP


3 Shot

Irish Leather by MEMO EDP

image3 copy

4 Shot

Left to right

24 Old Bond Street by ATKINSONS

Egypt by Eight&Bob

Still life in Rio by Olfactive Studio EDP

The Dark Heart of Old Havana by. 4160-Tuesday EDP

Image4 copy

5 Shot

Tel Aviv by Gallivant  EDP

Fiori di capri by Carthusia

A tribute to edith by Parterre

Sicilian Limes by Shay&Blue Natural Spray

Piu Bellodgia by Caron EDP

Image5 copy

6 Shot

Left to right

Ormonde Jayne Collection

Blu Mediterraneo by Acqua Di Parma 

Left to right :   Figo di Amalfi, Birgamotto di Calabria, Arancia di Capri.

Neela vermdeire Creation, Take Two by Pichola EDP

image6 copy

7 Shoot

Left to Right

Bertrand Duchaufour, Geza Schoen, Mark buxton by Renegades

Tokyo Spring Blossom by 4160- Tuesday EDP

Marfa by Memo EDP

New York ’55 by 4160-Tuesday EDP

Babylon Sonsev by 4160-Tuesday EDP

Cherry Musk by Ramon Monegal EDP

a1 copy

8 Shot

Left to Right

Levanzo by Azzaro EDP

Fvignana by Azzaro EDP

Marettimo by Azzaro EDP

Hugo Boss

Candle Russian Leather Molton Brown

At bottom dkny mens


9 Shot

Left to right

Tiffany by Tiffany&Co

Alma de Rosario by Mizensir EDP

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Penhaligon’s by Elisabethan Rose EDP

Jardins de Bagatelle by Guerlain EDP

Udaipur by Etro EDP


10 Shot

Left to right

Top: Chloe  Bottom: Pure Grace nude rose by Philosophy

Top: Vince Camuto by Capri Bottom: Bel Azur by Tory Burch

Daisy by Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Twinkle

Shalimar by Guerlain EDP

Champs-Elysees by Guerlain EDP


11 Shot

Eau Moheli by diptyque 34 boulevard saint germain

Kalimantan. By Chantecaille

Candle 30 Montaigne by Christian Dior

Rome 1963 by 4160-Tuesday EDP

London 1969 by 4160-Tuesday EDP

Candle Green Lavender by Urban Apothecary

Mojave Ghost by Byredo EDP

Top: Sao Paulo by Carven by Paris  bottom: Stella Cadente EDP by Linari


12 Shot


Line d’Antibes by Shay&Blue

Nawab of oudh by Ormonde Jayne created in London

Top: The Vinyl Store Rue des Dames 4 by Lola James Harper Bottom: Manufacture Royale de Cire by Trudon

Dover Street, London by Lavender&Lillie

Praslin, Seychelles by Lavender&Lillie

Grand Canal, Venice by Lavender&Lillie



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