Frame; Looking In

By Georgina Sussman

At the age of 16 or 17, I went to see a play on Alexander McQueen and became immersed in not only the heartbreaking tales, but the incredible garments and stories behind them, it was the beginning of my interest in fashion (a little late, I know). Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that the mind of a designer could be that creative, I began to explore videos of the catwalks and I was completely captivated. A year or so later, Selfridges had their designer Shakespeare windows and the McQueen themed one was extraordinarily stunning, it got me wishing that I could have a rare garment, something so incredible that no one else had. Unfortunately I’m still waiting, no surprise there.


However, Jennefer Osterhoudt has compiled a magnificent archive of rarities through her brilliant career in the fashion industry. It’s not often that many rarities come together in one space, to be presented in a fashion archive so wonderful. On Friday 11 May, Inside Arc, a new exhibition at London College of Fashion’s, Fashion Space Gallery launched, focusing on these rarely-seen works. Osterhoudt has pieces from the likes of Galliano and McQueen as she worked closely with them. Osterhoudt co-created this exhibition with Nick Royal, where they display vintage and contemporary designer pieces, which show the eccentricities and techniques of each garment. Not only are the pieces from legends but they’ve been worn by them too, together their working archive features Madonna’s ‘Evita’ jacket in 1994, to handmade show invitations and pieces found in charity shops.  The collection gives the spectator a view into the life of Jennefer and how she has viewed the fashion industry throughout the years.


The exhibition, Inside Arc, gives great insight to the lives and atmosphere that these fashion insiders have been a part of! For those of you that want to see beautiful and unique pieces from designer to charity shop, this exhibition is not something to be missed!


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