Frame; Mesmerizing box of Scent

By Jo Phillips

Once upon a time, an odour was smelt in the depths of Egypt. Nobody knew where it was coming from and couldn’t describe it as there was a mix of fragrances  that combined perfectly. What they also didn’t know was that the perfume had belonged to a queen and they were far from suspecting that the smell was coming from a golden chest that had been hers. A wonderful little antique chest decorated with precious stones, that were capable of keeping the smell inside when closed. The secret was was this hypnotising scent was actually coming from different perfumes, all locked in the queen’s chest.  Should you want to add to your own perfume collection here are a few new ones:-

Midnight London by Moresque is an Italian  masterpiece mingling with an Arabic sensuality;   here with its new launch the modernity of,  London by Night .  The flacon, hand made as ever with this elegant brand is darkest brown verging on black, sumptuously dotted with golden lines echoing  the London underground. Midnight London will give you chills and take you to the Middle East via London and Italy in just one spray. A warm woody fragrance with lush fruity layers. Its unexpected  and surprising as a scent of London from the top wit hits of rhubarb and it develops  magnolia then finishes into an intoxicating scent of incense

Top notes: Rhubarb, ginger, bergamot

Middle notes: Magnolia, styrax, suede accord

Base noes: Nagarmotha, incense, cashmeran



This scent is exclusive to Harrods

If you’re more drawn to French craftsmanship, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris will unveil Aqua Celestia Forte this month.  Grown from his collection from 2011 of toilette inspired fresh clean fragrances he bring this up to date with this fragrance as an Eau De Parfum, for those who  like a longer lasting fragrance. If you are not already aware the scents bursts with radiance, is fresh  and is where the bright blue sky meets the bright blue water. Very smooth with Petitgrain Bigarade from Italy and Jasmine from Egypt, lime from Mexico and Mitcham mint for a fresh sensation. It also has this mimosa absolute from Provence, which will directly take you to the South of France. A serene setting for your mind and body.



If you want something more natural and intimate, there’s Nudiflorum by Nasomatto  a fragrance that mingles with the flesh. Warm and musky with ‘rooty’ wood and sensual with a hint of white flowers and orris butter. It’s very much about a perfume that mixes with the skin and ultimately creates desire.









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