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By Jo Phillips

Brendon Murdock is a man who knows; he’s the man with his finger on the pulse, on all our pulses! He knows not just what we want but what we need, and even better, he knows before  any of us even knew we needed it.

Do you remember a few years ago how suddenly without knowing it all the men who previously had not really engaged with men’s grooming suddenly became aware that they really DID need to look after their hair, their beards,  their bodies, and suddenly men woke up to the idea of the importance of ablutions? Why?  Because Brendan, via Murdock London, quietly let them know via his stores that sprang up firstly in Shoreditch then all over London,  that looking groomed and smelling great were important and most of all manly!

Suddenly men were far better groomed and didn’t think twice about going to get a proper shave, haircut, trim or even a wash and blow dry.  Then came the run of copycat barbers at any trendy corner of the city, sun protection different but just as clever, and like before, we didn’t know we needed it until he came along with anatomē.

We are aware all of us by now,  that wellness good nutrition goes hand in hand with an emotionally balanced lifestyle.  Once balanced we live a far more fulfilling life.  The problem is where to begin and where to get help?  For example, some may choose to go vegan’ without taking the necessary steps in order to do this safely and healthily, as well as not taking into consideration whether veganism is actually right for their body type and lifestyle.  Others may suffer with such busy lives and feel constantly drained but have no wish to spend more time they don’t have seeing an expensive homoeopath.  Whats needed often in that first step. What about a retail store that presents the very best in nutrients and vitamins and a place that would match the demands of busy modern lifestyles, and help to enrich emotional and physical wellbeing?  Who has brought that to our doorsteps? Brendan Murdock of course!

For over a year, Brendan worked closely with nutritionists, herbalists and sport-scientists to develop the anatomē range. The outcome is a thoughtfully curated yet extensive collection of essential oils, vitamins, and nutrients designed for everyday use. Alongside these essential items, anatomē sells exceptional sporting apparel and accessories.  The Shoreditch based store doubles-up as a café serving juices, protein shakes, and healthy bites. They also sell vitamins and other healthy items such as nuts, a selection of dairy alternative milk, herbals teas, and much much more.

There is, of course, the next step to just shopping;  warm and expert guidance on your wellbeing, alongside in-house nutritionists who offer one-on-one consultations and block appointments with advice on a wide range of health issues.  The store also sells books, alcohol-free beverages,  proper chocolate and more for those already having changed some lifestyle habits or those that want to have the best start or who need support in their journey.

One of the most wonderful additions and situated at the front of the store is the anatomē apothecary bar.  It holds nine newly developed essential oil elixrs that contain up to 28 different oils all built to support different aspects of an individuals needs and lifestyle. They are a mixture of oils for health benefits with divine scents that set off the process and promote wellbeing. Blending tradition with contemporary needs, the brand have worked carefully with a team of aromacologists to create oils for the 21st century. anatomē oils combine beautiful scents with amazing health benefits to boost health and promote well-being. Whether rare Fragonia from Australia or the Black Spruce found in Canada, they have sourced the finest ingredients to include in the oils.

Therapeutic essential oils are naturally occurring, aromatic compounds, found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers of plants. They have been used in medicine throughout history, and increasingly so in modern practices. An independent functional MRI (fMRI) brain scan study led in 2017 by Prof. Gaby Badre at the Technical University and Medical Faculty of Carl Gustav Carus demonstrates the impact of essential oil blends on the brain.    

“The study proves that olfactory stimulation can aid wellness and sleep and have an impact on health in a number of ways.” Said Prof. Gaby Badre

So what are therapeutic oils they have available? The collection is made up of oils that help to challenge many issues we all deal with daily, including sleep, anxiety, energy, & communication.


They come in three forms:- a handy travel roll on a 30Ml dropper bottle for use on sensory points on the skin (like wrists, ears back of neck etc) and finally a 100ml tonic as a massage bath sauna or steam room oil.

Energy + Strength Essential Elixir Oil 

Energy and Strength invigorates the physical body encourages fortitude dedication and willpower.  Maintaining high levels of energy can be a challenge. Energy + Strength essential oil gives  a natural boost of vitality, when you need it most.

Blending 28 therapeutic essential oils, Energy + Strength will:

  • Energise the nerves and mind to motivate and boost low energy levels
  • Support the heart, respiratory and circulation functions
  • Encourage fortitude, dedication and willpower

Black Pepper Paraguay: Peppered with stimulating properties, Black Pepper boosts stamina, gives tone to skeletal muscles, stimulates circulation and supports the nerves and minds. It’s ideal to use before excessive exertion or high-demand sports.

May Chang: is commonly used in Chinese medicine and is an energising, uplifting and relieving botanical that can support a sense of physical low energy.

Camphor Essential Oil: Cool and penetrating aroma is as potent as its aromatherapy benefits. It boasts the ability to support the heart, respiration and circulation and facilitates deep breathing. While in sport, it eases muscles.

Lemon Oil: Renowned for its citrusy scent, Lemon is a refreshing and cooling to the circulatory system and restoring vitality. Lemon invigorates and refreshes any atmosphere, awakening the senses.

Pine: Pine is one of the most essential oils in aromatherapy. It has energetic and supporting properties and excellent in sports massage, as it penetrates and warms all terpenes – this has been turpentine in traditional embrocation, so beloved of sports people in the past. Overall, it gives a refreshing note to a tired mind, motivates and reduces any feelings of weakness.

SLEEP and recovery . x 3 different types dependent on sleep needs

Do you ever find it hard to wind down in the evening? After intense exercise or a long working day, it can be difficult to switch off and feel peaceful.

Frankincense Essential Elixir, Blue Roman Camomile Essential Elixir,  and  Seaweed Essential Elixir

Leading with a top note of calming lavender, this botanical blend contains 22 therapeutic oils that will:

  • Encourage relaxation
  • Support a deep quality of sleep
  • Support the mind to drift and ease mental fluidity

English Lavender: is deeply relaxing and emotionally supporting. The scent symbolises cleanliness and purity. Known for its therapeutic properties, lavender is commonly used by athletes in their warm-up and pre-competition preparations.

Chamomile: has historically been used to induce and accelerate sleep. It is highly valued in medicine.

Clary Sage: is powerfully relaxing. Renowned for its energising effects on the body and mind, it holds invaluable properties for soothing pre-match or workplace challenges.

Rose: Complementing the properties of Lavender and Sage, Rose provides emotional support and soothes everyday stresses and strains. It is said to have the highest vibrational frequency of any other oil possessing vibrant emotional benefits and spiritual healing.

Sacred Frankincense: A relaxing and meditative oil, it encourages feelings of calm and soothes the mind. Balsamic and sweet in nature, this oil tones and clarifies the mind and sensory pathways.

Melissa Oil: Known as lemon balm oil, this oil is used in almost all balms due to its soothing properties and sweet aroma.

Expression + Confidence Essential Elixir Oil 

Clear communication takes resolve and determination.  Expression + Confidence oil enhances lucidity by:

  • Soothing the mind and cleansing the body
  • Clearing congested lungs and airways, optimising respirations
  • Slowing down breathing and reinforcing a sense of calm

Fennel: a detoxifying stimulant and tonic, Fennel gives strength and courage in times of adversity.

Frankincense Somalia: known for its relaxing and meditative properties, this ingredient helps to slow down breathing, and calm down the workings of the mind.

Camphor:  an effective oil for vapour therapy, Camphor allows for cool breathing and healthy airways. It is also commonly used in sports message therapy.

Peppermint: a popular and highly-used perennial herb, Peppermint can enliven the senses, promote alertness and invigorate performance.

Anise: Sometimes known as sweet cumin, Anise is a tender annual plant belonging to the same family as parsley and fennel. It is widely used in aromatherapy for its revitalising properties.

Balance + Stability

Occasionally, we can all feel tense, emotionally stressed and off-balance. Anchoring the body and centring the mind, our Balance + Stability oil offers a natural solution to feelings of unsteadiness, leaving space for optimism and serenity.

The blend contains 24 botanical oils, including Geranium, Sandalwood, St John’s Wort, Black Spruce and Angelical seed. This therapeutic oil will:

  • Ground and support you in times of stress
  • Help maintain physical inward energy levels
  • Centre the mind and restore vitality, optimism and energy

Pettigrain Paraguay: Wild orange possesses reviving qualities, dispelling tension, challenging times and encouraging positivity. The zesty aroma is energising and uplifting to any atmosphere while the impact it has on the heart and mind is among its most popular qualities.

Geranium Bourbon: boasts its ability to boost emotional wellness, geranium oil puts the mind at balance and acts as a tonic to the nervous system.

Tunisian Neroli: Emotionally soothing, instils a feeling of space.

Cajeput: clears thought, awakens and aids the body, complements your detox routine.

Sandalwood: Sandal wood is a relaxing oil, brings a sense of peacefulness or peace of mind of mind. This oil is perfect for promoting quiet contemplation and meditation. 

Angelica Seed Oil: relieves every day stresses and promotes a contemplative sense of calm and balance.

St John’s Wort: known for its complex, uplifting properties.

Focus + Concentration

Distractions, distractions, distractions. From a stressful day at work to constant phone-checking at home, it can be difficult finding your own mental space.

The blend of 25 therapeutic oils is calming for you mind, body and wellbeing, and it will:

  • Sharpen your concentration and rebalance your mind
  • Stimulate circulation to optimise cognitive performance
  • Help the mind focus on tasks with energy, stamina and clear thought

Holy Basil: Basil is known for its soothing properties. Its high linalool content aids relaxation and sharpens concentration.

Indian Ginger Root: Ginger has significant therapeutic properties. It helps to boost the senses and increase the fluidity of your thought processes.

Black Pepper Paraguay: Both a stimulant and a tonic, Black Pepper Paraguay provides stamina and strengthens your mind.

Wild Fragonia: This rare Australian root provides emotional support, and raises levels of awareness.

Cinnamon Bark: Warms and soothes the body, creating a positive sense of well-being and easing the body and mind.

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus has natural therapeutic properties, and its deodorising action creates a sense of space and encourages clear, cool breathing.

Thyme: Thyme is a popular Mediterranean herb full of antimicrobial properties. Its stimulating aroma will promote alertness while its organic chemicals will cleanse and purify the skin.

Frankincense Somalia: Known for its relaxing and meditative properties, Frankincense reinforces a feeling of calm and soothes the busy mind.

Support + Protection

From busy offices to packed-out trains, modern life can be stifling. Our Support + Protection oil helps to purify space and shield you from unwanted bacteria.

The unique properties of 27 protective therapeutic oils will:

  • Boost and protect personal outward space
  • Give you strength on the move and away from home.
  • Shield you from intrusive surroundings and claustrophobia.

Rosemary: Clears head and aids memory, Rosemary is vital for everyday stresses. It will invigorate and strengthen the mind.

Clove Bud: This spicy oil is a natural antiseptic disinfectant, and it helps to boost positivity when feeling unbalanced. Significantly, it shields from bacteria.

Eucalyptus: Supports clear and cool breathing and aids concentration.

Fennel: Fennel is a detoxicant, stimulant and tonic. Helping to give strength in adversity, Fennel further provides a cleansing effect on the mind and body.

Tea tree: Known for its antiseptic, antibacterial properties. It’s a radically refreshing and revitalising oil, supporting the immune system and fortifying the body.

Niaouli: A large evergreen tree native to Australia, Niaouli has powerfully soothing and relaxing qualities which will improve quality of sleep. It promotes circulation and clears the head.

British Myrtle: Myrtle has long been used for its strong antimicrobial properties. Myrtle helps to cleanse your surroundings and soothe feelings of anger.

Oils are applied to key sensory points on the skin and can also be used in massage treatments, diffused in the air, or where appropriate use in the sauna or steam room. The company have pyramid images, and note, cards that explain where best to apply each oil as well as explaining the olfactory make up of each oil.

So should you have found yourself feeling a little intimidated in a health food shop, or unsure where to begin? Then a trip down to an anatomē is probably your best starting point. Trust us; this store comes from the man who knows!






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