Frame; Perfume as a Poem

By Ravi Basnayake

What’s a bottle of perfume? It’s different varieties of fragrant oils condensed in just one small bottle to give a unique yet divine smell.

So, what’s a haiku then? It’s a form of Japanese poetry where every thought is put together in just three lines.

Either with a bottle of perfume or a Haiku, in the end, they both allow us to express ourselves via one small direct channel. That’s the point of wearing a fragrance. It’s not only about smelling good, it’s about the art of giving a hint of who you are and what you feel just as with a Haiku poem.

Perfume as a poem, that is exactly the adage French brand Floraïku swear by. By blending the two disciplines together, they made a poetic and sophisticated fragrance collection celebrating Asian culture. Made from more than 50% natural ingredients, the fragrances are delivered in perfectly designed Bento Boxes with a creative and luxurious touch and are led by their own Haiku descriptions.

Their new “In the rain” and “Wind in my hand” fragrances respectively from their Kodo Ceremony-Forbidden Incense and Gold exclusive collections are now on the market.

By linking In the rain Eau de Parfum with haiku “Green water lily, In the rain, Opens up to spring”, we get the idea of a lakeside on a rainy evening, at the twilight of the winter. The freshness of the citrusy-bergamot and the sweet and woody cedar oil and musc gives us the exact feeling that spring is on its way just after the rain has left.

Floraiku_In The Rain_50ml & 100ml_£250.00

Likewise, when relating Wind in my hand Eau de Parfum to “The butterfly’s wings, Silver clouds blowing, The wind in my hand”, we can’t think of anything else than being in a meadow, fair-weather clouds hovering above us, the wind blows over our face. The mandarine oil surely reminds us the freshness of the summer as does the maté absolut with its leafy and herbal smell which give the feeling of being surrounded by plants, not to the mention the incense oil that provides us the peaceful and spiritual vibe by which to relax.


Wind In My Hand_50ml & 10ml Purse Spray_£536.00

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