Frame; Salad

By Ravi Basnayake

Introduction…. verse…. pre-chorus into a chorus, followed by bridge and conclusion.

Usually, every single song in this world has this structure to it or has at least a verse and a chorus. It is part of the song-structure which is like an architectural plan of a song. It is the way in which sections of a song are arranged with good repetition and creativity to create a hit that pleases the listener.
As there are many great songs with common forms there are also some unusual structures.But that doesn’t mean there are not iconic.

That is what we discussed with Marijne van der Vlug and Paul Kennedy from “Salad”.

“Salad”, the band brilliantly odd or lazily lumped in with that old Britpop scene as some might say was a UK-based Indie Pop band founded in 1992 by Marijne van der Vlugt, Paul Kennedy, Pete Brown and Rob Wakeman. After an 18-year split, however, Marijinne And Kennedy along with Donald Ross Skinner started Salad Undressed which is an acoustic version of the band.

To celebrate our theme of Frame they have selected a list of songs which are according to them unusually structured but still great:-

Dirty Back Road by The B52s
It’s just two verses repeated. How cool is that? Very. The ultimate ‘road trip’ track.

Paperback Writer by The Beatles
A song written in the form of a letter to a publisher. “Dear sir or madam, will you read my book…” Genius. And Macca was only 24 at the time. Bastard.

Oom Sha La La by Haley Heynderickx
What really does it for me is the shout of “I need to start a garden!” right at the end of the song, sung in absolute desperation and realization, that this activity will be her ultimate savior.

Big New Prinz by The Fall
An unending glorious groove…nothing happens and yet it’s so good…trance-like. The Fall always did it their own way, and that, my elves, is to be highly admired, no?

According to Salad Undressed, their new Good Love Bad Love is a lyric-led concept album celebrating love…good and bad. There’s yearning, positivity, power games, relationship breakups, paranoia.

Here’s the 12 song tracklisting of the album:-


Being Human
Relationship Dust
Nowhere Near
I Love The Doctor
We’ll Never Meet
Princes & Fools
Blue Cold Eyes

Evergreen is the first single taken off Salad Undressed’s 2018 Album ‘Good Love Bad Love’ and has already been heard (and raved about) on the likes of BBC 6Music and BBC Radio London. It is now available on

The single, a lamentful yet celebratory song about surviving stuff against all odds accompanied by a delightful though emotional video is simply amazing.

Video directed by Andy Delaney at

During the recording of Good Love Bad Love, hell froze over and the full Salad band got back together to play the Indie Daze Festival 2017 (with Donald taking over the drum role from Rob). They have a headlining tour set for April 2018, and a new Salad album planned for later in the year, but that’s a different story…

Salad are currently playing live shows with the following confirmed:-

11th August 2018

The Wedding Present’s annual curated At The Edge Of The Sea Festival

Concorde 2, Brighton


4th October 2018

Indie Daze Festival

100 Club, London (SOLD OUT)


16th November 2018

Shiiine On Festival

Butlins Arena, Minehead.



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