Frame; That Man Experience

By Jo Phillips

All of us are aware of the growing trends in skincare, haircare and beauty industries for women. The men’s grooming business are not far behind.  Most women are aware of terms like retinals, peptides, AHA’s but what about men? Are they clear about what is in their products?

One brand that is very clear about what goes on is the men’s grooming brand Murdock London.  At the very core of their ethos is that nothing should go on the skin or hair that isn’t good and kind.

Murdock London was established by Brendan Murdock in Shoreditch in 2006 with an aim to create a masculine alternative to unisex salons for the modern gentlemen, alongside with a set of products that were driven by barbers rather than product developers.  This meant the products were very much the sort of products men just don’t want but need and use. Murdock London are experts in the art of barbering which means being in safe hands when the gentleman visits for a hair cut, bread trim or shave.


Since then they have built a reputation for their signature shaving products, fragrance collection, skincare range and Beard maintenance products which are wholesaled to stores across the globe. Recently they have updated the physical look and packaging and completely updated the brand. Now it is a sexy yet elegant mid navy blue with clean white labels or typography.  The success is clear as they have entered more sites in the USA than ever before. The brand is also working towards traceability and being sustainable and ethical but this is a long journey but one the brand feels an important place for them to get to.

And as we all know these days life is all about the experience, something that Murdock London know all about. That again has been very much a central theme for the brand, a place you would want to come back and visit time and again, partly due to the traditional elegant feel of each shop but because of the service too; a place where the modern gent can take time to relax, have a beer or whisky and build a relationship with his barber.

Murdock London have many shops in key locations in London which you can find here and you can shop  for all their products here. All their products are made in England and have the same aim to nourish, groom, moisturise and keep in style men’s hair, beards, moustaches, skin and body all while giving the client the full barber experience at home. They have grooming sets,  men’s skincare,  hair care, colognes , cut throat razors beard oils and beard shampoo to moustache wax!


Murdock London


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