Frame; ‘The face’

By Julie Jacobs

There is no denying that at this moment in time brows are hogging the spotlight in the beauty industry. They’re the equivalent of the music industries’ overnight world wide phenomenon One Direction. But will they do a 1D and disappear over night too?  Actually brows have come in and out of fashion for decades; a lot like pop masters Take That’s reincarnations taking centre stage with each comeback.  For example the thin arched brow in the 1970s were reminiscent of the 1920s, and the 1980s Brook Shields brow resembled Elizabeth Taylor’s fuller 1950s – only this time without the extension trailing off the outer edge.  Every brow re-incarnation needs a good pencil, here are my favourites.

hero may macMAC Brow Pencil
I used to only use powder and balm palettes until I came across MAC’s Brow Pencil in Stud. The deep richness of colour as well as the very fine tip for accuracy led me to adventure into rediscovering brow pencils all over again.

hero may18 sisleySisley’s phyto-sourcil
Sisley’s phyto-sourcils are all encompassing 3 in 1 brow enhancers.  Step 1. Brush, Step 2. Pencil and Step 3. Highlight…and it is the highlighter under the arch of the eyebrow that illuminates the eye area which completes the look.

hero may givenchyGivenchy Couture Eyeliner
I know this is an eyeliner but I like to coat very fair hair strands with the ink – I give it a few seconds to dry before brushing through — this adds colour without altering texture or adding bulk therefore looking less ‘made up’.

hero may18 benefitBenefit Goof proof Brow pencil
A couple of years ago after extensive research Benefit launched a whole new brow collection.  There is an array of different formulas serving every application preference.  What I love is that the colours are the same across all formats, so if you want to change from a powder to a pencil, rest assured you’ll find the same colour.

Photo: Jason Yates

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