Frame; The Outback

By Georgina Sussman

The rays of the sunshine hit your skin, you feel warm as joy and wonder radiates through you. You’ve done this hundreds of times so there’s nothing new here, but it’s always exciting.  The trek through the Australian outback, has you marvelling at the beauty of complete isolation. Most would be struggling in the heat and humidity combined with the long hike, sore feet and legs are a weight on their shoulders, but not yours as you’ve brought along you’re trusty Blundstone’s, prepared as always.




It’s no wonder that an Australian brand has created some of the most spectacular walking boots, that are admired by many. Blundstone, the well-known boot brand are made with Premium Leather and have removable insoles, making them easy-to-wear and walk in whilst being equally stylish. It’s very clear that both style and substance are appreciated in their core values which is why they’ve become such a staple for hiking fanatics and boot-lovers everywhere.

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