Frances Stanfield

By Jo Phillips

Frances Stanfield is an illustrator and artist with a particular focus on Fashion & Editorial illustration. She contributed to two issues of .Cent: an illustration of the Thakoon Spring Summer 2013 catwalk for The He-She Issue and an illustration of the Jil Sander Autumn Winter 2012-13 catwalk for The Artist Issue.

Frances is featured in the May 2013 edition of .Cent’s Breaking Boundaries newsletter, for which she shared insights as to whether she starts with design or material in her creative process.

She says, ‘I tend to start with an image in mind but I don’t let the design restrict the use of materials and how they work alongside each other. Both the design and the materials are equally as important. If I put one before the other the end result may not balance. I might change the design because the materials I’m using work better in different colours or shapes – or vice versa – the chosen materials might not suit the design. The design and materials fuse when the piece is finished. If they don’t fuse, then I’d probably put the piece down as a pile of hooey and start a-fresh.’

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