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By Matilda Bourdillon

La Roche – Posay are a unique skincare brand that have worked with dermatologists, nine out of ten of which, would recommend their products. The La Roche – Posay skincare range caters to a variety of skin types, but is particularly ideal for those who suffer from sensitive skin. If you are someone that has tried countless products to help fix acne or breakouts that simply ends with a horrible reaction, then La Roche – Posay is definitely a company you should consider trying.  

The formulas used in their products are really simple; they ensure all their products are free from any nasty parabens, fragrance or soap that usually causes the skin irritation. To top it off, all products are uniquely formulated with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water at their heart. This is a naturally mineral-rich water that is sourced from a 1,700-year-old spring at the heart of a Medieval French Village, valued for its high natural selenium content, a healing antioxidant with neutral PH levels. You won’t get that anywhere else.

La Roche – Posay are also a company that are committed to the environment, and rightly so. They favour recycled raw materials and easily recyclable packaging that is not bulky and tailored to product size.

The product ‘Eau Micelliare Ultra’ from the La Roche – Posay collection has been rated particularly highly.  It is a beautifully light and gentle micellar water. If you have never used Micellar water then you should definitely consider adding it to your skincare regime, as it is a fantastically beneficial skincare product. Micellar water is made up of micelles which are tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules. The micelles effortlessly capture and lift dirt and oil particles from the skin, without drying it out. Groundbreaking.

This product is also so unique as people who are prone to skin irritation are often told to avoid micellar water, but this product is an exception. Not only does it leave your skin feeling smooth and clean, but it does not irritate it at all. It leaves skin feeling cleansed, soothed and refreshed afterwards. The product also has a delectable scent that does not linger.

And it gets better, the micellar also removes makeup. Every single trace, without any irritation. It only takes a few simple steps of applying the product to your face with a cotton wool pad and then leaving it to settle. No rinsing or rubbing necessary, so overall a smooth and gentle process.  

The product also comes in a variety of sizes, 100ml, 200ml, 400ml and even 750ml. The 100ml is especially perfect to pop in your bag for long-haul flights, when you desperately need to fix your post-flight skin. It is also a good tester before you purchase the larger one.

So, if you are prone to imperfect, blemish-prone or sensitive skin, then you must check out this product from La Roche-Posay. Even if you aren’t, then simply take a look at their wide range of products, as I’m sure you’ll find something that caters perfectly to your skins needs.  

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