By Julie Jacobs

A fringe is one of the most effective disguises available to a woman – or man. Find out more in Fringe-Ting.

Images & Illustration Jason Yates

The Curtain

A fringe can alter your face shape to appear smaller, bigger, wider, longer, or shorter.  I think a fringe is makeup’s equivalent to contouring. Change the parting or go from short to long, extend it down the sides of the face and the perspective of the outer facial features alter. It can reveal or hide a what ever you want. A perfect example is ‘The Rachel’ – Jennifer Aniston’s character from the sitcom Friends.  Her long layered fringe extended down the sides of her face; framing and softening her strong jawline.  

Baby Bangs (extreme baby)

A fringe is a statement and for some, it’s a trademark.  Ever seen Brigette Bardot without her loose long centre-parted ‘curtain’ fringe?  Nope.    Whatever the decade; whatever the fashion or trend, Ms Bardot has styled the same fringe from the beginning of her career to date.  Whether she be wearing a beehive or a low ponytail ‘The Curtain’ is always there.   Many have imitated this style but none are as consistent this icon.

The Roll-Under (Pompadour)

Also as a makeup artist, I’ve noticed a fringe makes for a very effective SPF.   Lift one up and you’ll reveal a more youthful and fresher skin texture.   Trying to match the foundation to the rest of the face was initially confusing for me. The complexion was so much lighter in this area. Somewhat belatedly I realised the forehead would eventually be hidden by the fringe, so I was confused no more.  

The Roll-Over

So if you fancy a change or a new version of yourself why not try getting a fringe.

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Beauty Editor Julie Jacobs

Hair Designer Ernesto Montenovo

Photography Jason Yates

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