From the other side

By Pushkala Pillutla

As the smoke clears off, tiny little white wings fly high to explore the world from the other side. There, just past the secret door, lies a world full of dragons, fairies, mermaids, and sirens, and not to forget vampires and werewolves. Just enough to form a new universe full of unseen and unheard mysteries cloaked under an enchanting mythical mask. Passing by the tangled branches, above the sacred roots, making friends with the beetles and spiders. All set together in search of the ultimate treasure. It’s a never-ending story of how the mythical world is fascinating. Taking inspiration from here, Alexander McQueen’s new gifting collection is explored in a film set within a mythical world. A collaboration with the Isabel Garret at the sarabande foundation being launched on 25th Oct. Read more about it here in From the other side

The new collection film is a collaboration with Isabel Garrett who is an animator and artist at the Sarabande Foundation. This important organization is a charitable foundation established by the late designer Lee McQueen with an intention of supporting budding talent in the creative world.

Isabel Garrett has worked with the mythical and unearthly creatures, to enchant provide a story and framework to show off the the holiday collection of the brand, taking us to the other side. .

The new collection has been alluringly showcased with a small film to give a sneak-peak about what the collection is looks like.

The collection takes us through a blue denim-looking, journey of a small white butterfly getting lost in the dark forest with all the mythical creatures and exploring the new world just after coming out of its cocoon. Learning to fly, flapping the wings, diving through the forest coming across and finding prized accessories from the Christmas collection which have been presented in the film as treasures.

The butterfly comes across small little beetles and spiders, grasping ornate rings and pendants like they are treasures. This fragile creature explores all through this mystical denim world before finally making its way to the wallet secured by the snake.

Up to now, Sarabande Foundation has supported more than 85 creatives within the foundation. With 3 different programs to support different categories that include study scholarships, subsidized studio programs with bespoke monitoring and public programs with onsite events.

Ultimate exploring Christmas gifting this magical film takes on an enchanting journey of the tiny little lives collecting wonderful treasures.

The house have launched their new Holiday Gifting collection on the 25th of October of accessories that include wallets, skull bags, pouches, and more coming in the shapes of talismans of good luck and joy. Find the collection in stores and Alexander McQueen website.

Shop the Holiday Gifting collection by Alaxander McQueen here.

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