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By Jo Phillips

Call of Duty: Warzone Duos Will Soon Hit the Gaming Community

The co-developer of Call of Duty: Warzone, Raven Software, has provided current information on the two-player Duos mode, a much-requested game from the software company.

For weeks, the Warzone community, with keen attention, has waited patiently for news on the Duos mode. This is because it is the last addition to the Battle Royale from the core squad modes. Nevertheless, rumours are flying around that there may be a five-person squad addition in the future. This is great news for players and their friends who look to secure the win. It also means that we will see streamers in larger groups playing together, increasing their chances of winning. You can actually bet on video games like Call of Duty and for some of them, they have their own branded casino games, just like at

In an interview with GamerGen, a French publication, Raven Software’s creative director, Amos Hodge, revealed that Duos is on the way to the gaming community, although he hinted that the company sees the need to fix some bugs before the game is released to the online gaming community.

He said that Duos was once on Plunder but has no idea where Duos currently is because there are some bugs to be resolved.

Hodge assured the community that the company listens to their requests. He reminded the community of Trios launching and the addition of Solos and Quads later with the assurance that Duos will soon be added to the series.

However, he noted that he can’t give a specific time for its release in the future, but he can only guarantee the gaming community of Duos’ release. He cited an example of Plunder that was eventually released, although he can’t put a time frame on Duo until the company ensures that the game is in good shape before its eventual release.

Warzone, a free game for gamers, has received a warm welcome since its debut, as players keep patronizing the most prominent games from the warzone genre. Nevertheless, key modes are removed frequently from the game, drawing criticism from players. The game launched with Trios, a three-person setup game. Over the years, the game has been removed and reinstated twice, frustrating the game’s lovers.

In the same vein, Most Wanted, a new feature of Warzone, was removed this week for 24 hours after its incorporation into the game. This came shortly after another contract type was removed, to introduce the ‘Most Wanted’ feature, a move that got ‘Tyler “Ninja” Blevis,’ a celebrity streamer, fuming with anger in a tweet to his over 5.7 million followers.

Hodge expressed acknowledgment of the constant removal and reinstatement of the feature. He explained that the game’s developers are trying to create a variety around the Warzone’s core modes.

The creative director indicated that the company was trying to factor in the gaming community and their request into its operations. Thus, the company is determined to satisfy the community’s desires while creating new content to balance up.

Citing Modern Warfare’s mode-rotation as an example, Hodge explained that they are trying to find the right formula, including the game’s core modes and a fitting rotation policy. He added that the company wants to make new modes and engage players without serving them stale games. However, he is aware of the danger of creating too many games within a short period: bad connections and the stress of matchmaking 150 players.

Taylor Kurosaki, the narrative director of Infinity Ward, expressed his opinion about the issue in the same interview. While raising players’ hope about the game, he said that Call of Duty Warzone will serve as a connection hub for the sub-brands such as Black Ops and Modern Warfare in the future.

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