Get Ready for Summer

By Noemie Hamon

Who never dreamed of having a tanned complexion, goldened by the kiss of the sun? Who never dreamed of a perfect sunny foundation? Tan is complex because you need to protect yourself from the sunrays and sometimes getting tanned makes your skin dry. What if there were products that could either make you tanned or give you a perfectly bright and natural foundation covering? Discover more about these mysterious products in Get Ready for Summer. Main Image Jason Yates.

Do you know Sensai? Sensai, its elegance, science and beauty all combined. This brand is involved in skincare and celebrates the beauty of life. What is special about them? They use a signature ingredient that is highly reputed: Koishimaru Silk. This silk was formerly reserved for the Imperial Family. In fact, this silk has a unique ability: it helps the production of acid hyaluronic.

Their latest innovation is a bronzing gel that allows you to get the tanned complexion you always dreamed of. Apply it after priming skin with a make-up base and you have an SPF6 that protects you. This tinted gel with 70% water and Koishimaru Silk makes you feel a refreshing sensation; the product hydrates and protects your skin while veiling it with a sheer bronze colour. The product is available in 3 shades.

However, this bronzing gel is not the only innovation of the brand. What about having perfect foundation coverage even in summer? The silky bronze natural veil compact is your ally. In summer, this anti-ageing sun care foundation will cover your dullness and pigmentation to give your a soft and lovely skin tone.

The texture, almost creamy, is delicate and aerial; it gives a sun-kissed glow. The product can be applied with a dry sponge for a smooth and natural look. However, it can also be used with a wet sponge for a fresh and matte summer finish. One of the most important detail about this product is the SPF20 that protects your face while giving you the complexion you always dreamed of. The four shades of this products allow you to find your own perfect match.

Get ready for summer is important, especially if you want the complexion you always dreamed of. Do not forget to protect yourself by using products with an SPF and enjoy summer!

You can find Sensai products here.

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