Getting Your C’s and D’s in Order

By Stacey Potts

Our bodies, from the inside and out are amazing, beautiful and works of art. We all know our bodies need love and care every day. When we nourish it with all the goodness to keep it looking radiant and well-fed it reacts in a positive way. One way of Getting Your Vitamin C’s and D’s in Order especially when they both benefit your body in many ways is to either apply it to the skin or consume it.

As said, listen to your body and one way is by getting your daily dose of vitamins. They play a vital part in looking after our bodies. It can be an answer to listening to our bodies’ needs and wants in the healthiest of ways. Let’s start with Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is often found in food from fruits to vegetables. So when you eat, oranges, lemons kale broccoli and more, you’re feeding your body with what it needs aiding it to boost your immunity.

As for your skin, Vitamin C can help brighten and boost your skin. take as a great example ECookings new product Vitamin C Serum. It’s a product that can become part of your nighttime routine so that all the goodness can sink right into your skin while you sleep. The formula also helps reduce hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

Now, to help take in more Vitamins, a daily dose of the sun helps. Vitamin D can come from the sun. Vitamin D helps fight diseases, boost weight loss and reduce depression. It’s wonderful when summer comes and the sun shines. Even when winter comes, that little ray of sunshine boosts our moods.

It’s often that our skin can take the goodness from the sun. When exposed for too long though, especially without protection, the UV rays can do more damage than good. Yes, that can also include the winter sun.

Sunscreen provides that layer of protection against the harsh rays just like ECookings’ new SPF30 Sunscreen. At factor 30, you can enjoy taking walks, a day out at the beach or just a sit down in the garden without feeling greasy or sticky. Its ingredients don’t leave a white residue so you will be at your utmost comfortable self.

E-Cooking has over 40 products in their line but these two provide you with all the goodness you need and help you get your C’s and D’s in the right order.

Tina Søgaard, Founder & owner of e-cooking has stated

Anyone who has experienced a personal crisis knows that it leaves scars. Literally – and visibly. The crisis affected the skin on my face. Suddenly my skin became more ‘tired’ and ‘grey’ than ever before. Because I also lost a lot of weight in a short space of time, my skin completely collapsed’.

This Danish brand was started in Tina’s own kitchen. With tones of experience in the beauty industry, she bought raw ingredients and started to mix creams, serums, and oils on her kitchen table.

Initially consisted of seven products for her own use, but once she began to glow again friends and family started to ask for specific solutions for their own problems, the collection grew.

Ecooking’s Sunscreen is available through their website and a number of stockists including
Look Fantastic, Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Indulge Beauty.

ECookings Vitamin C Serum can be found here.

What to know more ways you can protect your skin while allowing it to receive all the goodness? Read Sun Safe.

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