Glitz; A face as a shiny example!

By Julie Jacobs

I LOVE GLITTER!  Thank God it has starred – no pun intended –  the last few seasons.  Basically I loose my mind and revert back to being an overly uncontrollable excited seven year old — maybe it’s because my mother forbid me ( and for good reason) to play with glitter in our home? Glitter has evolved into all colours, shapes and sizes like stars, circles, hexagons, and diamonds.  Cosmetic brands In Your Dreams, The Gypsy Shrine and Beauty Boulevard Star Dust now have these throughout their collections (thankfully, I no longer have to make them myself) along side conventional types. There’s even biodegradable glitter for the environmentally conscious wearer.

We’re at the height of festival season now and therefore so is sparkle.  Walking past the party people attending Wireless I saw some amazing spectacles…all wonderful and beautiful to my inner seven year old self.  Here’s some pointers to remember when wearing glitter:

  1. It’s not all going to come off in one go no matter how many different methods and times you try, so relax and enjoy the stubborn sparkle.
  2. Many months after you’ve worn it you will find a spec at the most inconvenient time on your person, in your home, in your make-up brushes, in your hair, and so on it goes.
  3. If applying on another person, apologise in advance for points one and two above.
  4. Plan exactly where you want to place it because when it’s on it’s on and it ain’t all coming off for now. 

3MAC 3D Glitter

In Your Dreams

Stila   Magnifient Metals Glitter & glow Liquid Eye Shadow

The Gypsy Shrine

Beauty BLVD  Star

Beauty BLVD Glitter Lips

Words Julie Jacobs
Photography  Jason Yates

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