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By Jo Phillips

Despite the heat of the summer, it’s never sweaty.  It’s glow-y.  It’s glistening.  It’s dewy.  As the season changes and temperatures fluctuate, switching up your skincare routine to achieve that perfect glowing skin is never a bad idea.  Whether it’s changing up your moisturizer, going lighter on your makeup, there are plenty of small alterations you can make to achieve your dewy skin goals for the summer.

One alteration to consider for your summer routine is the addition of a new face mask, or better yet, a Korean face mask.  Korean skincare isn’t just a fad but possesses many different brands with products that have amazing capabilities to change your skin. As the mecca for skincare addicts, South Korea boasts enough beauty brands and products to make your head spin.  One crucial step you can add  to  your skincare routine  is a regular sheet mask beauty boost, 

The brand DEWYTREE has a multitude of different kinds of face masks that do things from detoxing to nourishing, for all different skin types.  Without using chemical ingredients, DEWYTREE aims to strengthen the function of regeneration in the skin through the use of quality natural ingredients combined with their proprietary formulation technology.  Other brands may show quicker results but the requirement of stronger chemical ingredients, in the long run, will diminish the skin’s regenerating capabilities.

Our team at Cent decided to try out the different masks that DEWYTREE has to offer and here are our thoughts:




Right upon opening the packet, I noticed the abundant amount of product in the packet. I also noticed that the mask had no scent, which is a plus for people who prefer scentless masks.  My skin was dull and patchy before, so I was excited to see if the mask would solve the issues for me. Applying it was very easy, and then I kept it on for 20 minutes, to get the most out of it. Right after taking it off I noticed that most of the red patches and the dullness did go away, leaving my skin hydrated and dewy. I patted in some of the serum that was left on my skin and let the rest naturally sink in.

Next day my skin was left moisturized and the dry patches that I also had were nowhere to be found anymore. My skin was glowing all day.


VITA CAVIAR MASK – Charlene and Jenny


For someone who is familiar with sheet masks, I found this mask to have rather a generous amount of product than usual. And because of this, my face was still left deeply hydrated than I expected. During the application, it was interesting to find that there were 2 eye patches that I would assume is used to cover the eyelids. Past the 10-minute mark, there were tingling sensations and took it as an indication that it would be fine to remove the mask, and surely my skin was left feeling hydrated and smooth with slight enhancement on the brightness of my skin!



???????? 3S TEP ?????? 블랙 마스크_시트

As someone who takes a very minimal/simple approach to skincare, the 3 step process of this face mask was a new experience for me.  Much more involved than what I’m used to, I decided to take a further extra step and draw myself a bath to accompany my face mask.  The time that the mask requires is nowhere near as tedious as it could be and I greatly appreciated that despite the multiple steps, it took all of 20-30 minutes, which is fairly normal for a face mask.  I very much trust Korean skincare and would definitely try a different mask for another experience.


Black Mask Honey Moist – Jo


This mask is meant for ‘older skin’ and seeing as I’m the grand lady in this office, of course, this was the best one for me to try.  I noticed straight away just how heavy the soft sheet mask was, soaked with a non-scented essence.  It was easy to apply but, as I did it watching TV, it did need me to press it back down a few times around the mouth area.  As it’s boiling hot here in London at the moment, the mask felt lovely and cooling on my skin.  I kept it on for the full 20 minutes and once I took it off, I spotted how the mask was almost dry because all the product had seeped into my skin.  I massaged what was left on my face which left a nice little finishing touch.  My skin felt more plumped and certainly smoother than before I did the process.


3 Steph Vita Capsule Black Mask – Ravi???????? 3ST EP 비타 캡ᄉ?? ?????? ?? 스크_시트

My skin was pretty much destroyed after I ate my colleague’s very oily although delicious peanut butter cookies.  In fact, I always had acne prone skin since puberty and having oily skin didn’t help either. Eating healthy and using tea tree oil along with my mattifying exfoliating wash helped me to finally get the skin that I always desired. However, this time, it didn’t help at all. I had to deal with a severe breakout for almost 2 weeks. My skin was dehydrated, dull, with no sign of life. So, I was excited when I was given this deep detox black face mask at work. Surprisingly, although I take better care of myself compared to other guys, it was my first face mask ever. The pre-cleansing was actually my favourite part. It really cleaned my skin without leaving it dry.  When I finally took the mask off, the results were beyond my expectations. My skin was moisturized, glowing and alive again. And it’s safe to say that I would definitely use one of these again.


Each mask is priced at £4.99 and is available at any Superdrug store nationwide.  Be sure to also check DewyTree’s Instagram (@dewytreecosmetics) to see other products they have to help you get your summer perfect skin.



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