Glitz; Glow Skin, Glow!

By Jo Phillips

Ever wondered who the brain behind Paula’s Choice is? The name you’re looking for is Paula Begoun – the one and only skin whisperer (she doesn’t actually whisper though, as she hails from the concrete jungles of New York).

As a critique and reviewer of beauty products for over 30 years, the beauty and skincare guru began her own line of skincare in 1995 for all skin types to target specific problems, resulting in an abundance of products that can be found on her website. Be it dull skin, breakouts or redness, her products cater to all skin types. Well, all, except one. So, it was time to launch a collection for those who have, well, believe it or not, normal skin! And all in good timing during these sweltering summer days, especially in major cities where we’re not met with clean, fresh air, but gusts of exhaust and other toxins polluting the air we breathe, the air our skin breathes in. In fighting against environmental damages to our skin that leaves us vulnerable to fast ageing, the new DEFENSE collection is highly recommended for all skin types, which naturally includes normal skin. This is a 3-step process that ensures you are armed ready for every possible enemy trying to attack your skin. The hero aspect of this collection is the anti-pollution factor (APF) that combines all natural antioxidants, coupled with brightening ingredients to form that ultimate summer-glow barrier between all the nastiness in the air and your skin. Not only will you look fabulous but you will have an effortless time in protecting your skin!

Paula'sChoiceStep 1: Reset
Hydrating Gel-to-Cream Cleanser: A triple superfood complex of green tea, liquorice, and soy helps neutralise surface pollutants and gently remove impurities. The silky cleanser begins as a refreshing gel then morphs into a cushiony cream for a sensory experience that rinses clean, leaving skin soft and radiant.

Step 2: Clarify
Antioxidant Pore Purifier: This super-sheer serum with an azelaic acid-derived brightener targets uneven skin tone and blemishes while niacinamide, Centella asiatica, and ceramides fortify and destress troubled skin, where they neutralise multiple pollutants.

Step 3 (A.M.): Brighten
Essential Glow Moisturizer SPF 30: Softly illuminate and hydrate for radiant skin. Its skin-smoothing, peptide-spiked lightweight AM hydration for all skin types that intercepts pollutants and thwarts blue light damage from 12 plant-and-vitamin-derived antioxidants. Gentle, mineral-based sunscreens work in synergy with the antioxidants and natural replenishers to protect, repair, and revive skin’s healthy glow.

Step 3 (P.M.): Nourish
Nightly Reconditioning Moisturizer: This gel-soufflé moisturiser instantly hydrates as it delivers a weightless dose of 8 superfood-derived antioxidants to strengthen skin from the outside in for the day ahead. Plant-derived ingredients smooth while our mineral-peptide complex helps repair fine lines. A special azelaic acid derivative brightens and combats blemishes so you awaken to beautifully fresh.

This collection will be available from 7th of September at

Paula has also brought out her new booster, the Peptide booster alongside the collection of 6 boosters seeking to achieve different types of results, available as:

–        C15 super booster
–        10% Niacinamide booster
–        1% Retinol booster
–        Hyaluronic acid booster
–        C25 super booster
–        Moisture renewal oil booster

And to echo the title of one of her international bestsellers “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me”, we can be rest assured that it is entirely possible to access prior consultation of her easy basic 3 step skincare routine found on her website. Along with a routine generator and a live chat with experts, Paula’s Choice is really the only insider’s guide you need to get on the right track for beauty and skincare.

But let’s not neglect the skin on the rest of our body! Skincare should be our religion but not just for the décolleté and upwards as the skin on the rest of our body is just as important.

skin689 Anti Cellulite Beach Body

Now, allow yourself to be transported to the natural, serene landscapes of Switzerland where you will find the brand Skin689, whose packaging and general aesthetics mirror its settings and surroundings to a T.

The actual products based on active ingredients are no less than the premium quality it claims to be. In collaboration with active-ingredient specialists, dermatological institutes and labs and cosmetic professionals, this brand has developed products that focus on the face as well as the skin of the body in general with the following 4 products:

SKIN689 Crème Anti-Cellulite:
–        Active ingredient complex CHacoll® improves the appearance of cellulite
–        CHacoll® penetrates deep into the skins and stimulates the skin’s own collagen synthesis
–        Shea butter and jojoba oil provide intensive nourishment and smooth the surface of the skin
–        Vitamins C and E provide additional protection

SKIN689 Firm Skin Décolleté and Neck Crème:
–        Firms, regenerates, and smooths the décolleté and neck
–        Crocus bulb extract stimulates skin collagen and elastin production
–        Argan tree extract ensures an anti-ageing effect
–        Apricot kernel oil makes the skin soft and smooth
–        Hyaluronic acid provides intensive moisture
–        Vitamins A and E support regeneration and provide protection

SKIN689 Firm Skin Upper Arms Emulsion:
–        Improves skin elasticity and tone of the upper arms, for a visibly firmer skin and defined contours
–        Crocus bulb extract stimulates skin collagen and elastin production
–        Argan tree extract helps firm, tighten and define the contour of the skin
–        Shea butter and sweet almond oil care of the skin, making it smooth and supple
–        Panthenol provides intensive moisture
–        Vitamins A and E support regeneration and provide protection

SKIN689 Bio-Cellulose Hyaluron Face Mask:
–        Relaxes, regenerates and refreshes the skin
–        Hyaluronic acid moisturises
–        Amino acid complex delivers additional moisture and nourishment to skin cells
–        Adenosine revitalizes the skin

Although the products are not skin-type specific, they are able to cater to all skin types, being safely and dermatologically tested to ensure the effectiveness of targeting cellulite or contour loss in order to achieve correction of unwanted visible changes of the skin.  The importance of your skin goes beyond the face and Skin689 has the unreal capabilities of ensuring that transcendence.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s better late than never to hop onto the skincare bandwagon if you haven’t already!


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