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By Jo Phillips

Every summer the glitterati perfect their tans on the party shores of Ibiza. While Ibiza is a party haven with every major DJ taking residency during the summer, it is fast becoming a wellness destination. Many people escape to this island to release their party demons and eat, sleep, rave, and repeat, however, more and more people are drawn to eat, sleep, activity, repeat on the sunny shores. There is a whole alternative side to the party island, and that’s one of a health retreat, so heres a few alternative things to do besides partying until you fall over!


Ibiza is lesser known for its local produce, which many restaurants use to support local farms. El Portalon was created by Anne Sijmonsbergen who was inspired by Eivissa’s emerging sustainable food scene and is dedicated to bringing this experience to the patrons of this restaurant. Anne moved to Ibiza ten years ago into a 450-year-old farmhouse, Can Riero. The farm now supplies local organic produce to top restaurants and private chefs across Ibiza. Over the course of a decade, the farm has gone from near fallow to producing dozens of varieties of fruits and vegetables, including over 40 types of heirloom tomatoes. She has also dedicated herself to studying Eivissa’s food culture, meeting cheese-makers, bakers, bee-keepers, fishermen, herders and the fellow farmers who are leading Ibiza’s burgeoning sustainable food movement.  The restaurant El Portalon brings together all these projects into one place, serving sustainably grown and sourced food in a way that fits seamlessly with the island of Eivissa.


If you want to walk on the wilder side, The Last Supper Club dishes up amazing meals using locally sourced ingredients in the most incredible locations. The brainchild that is chef Mark Watkins, The Last Supper Club merges his talents and those of fellow chef James Knight and event manager Lee White to bring a unique experience to food lovers. Who can resist a five-course tasting menu complete with organic wines and fermented cocktails? Oh, and they can either pick a location or go with the one you suggest.


Los Fermentistas is a food experience that you can bring home. Bex and Jacob Hronek are the two behind the brand and produce artisanal food and drinks and specialise in fermented goods. Fermentation is the oldest form of preservation in the world and this process produces healthy bacteria that are beneficial to intestinal health. Sauerkraut washed down with Kombucha anyone?  They even deliver on half and full moons in keeping with the natural cycles of the planet.



Surrounded by thousand-year-old olive trees, Ca Na Xica Hotel marries good service with tranquillity, allowing their guests to enjoy a relaxing Ibiza experience. A stunning space set back from the road that offers delightfully elegant rooms, each with a space outside that is sheltered. A definite retreat from the world of partying into a headspace for peace and tranquillity.


If you suffer from lack of sleep and need to find a way forward, why not try breath work.  Breathing Tree founder Rebecca Dennis believes that conscious breathing is the ultimate key to wellbeing, health and inner peace. They offer workshops, one-to-one sessions and retreats.  She is an author, coach and workshop leader and is the founder of with a practice at Indaba Yoga in Central London.


She says this about breath work, “Breathing is something we all know how to do. And yet, the majority of teenagers and adults let go of their natural ability to breathe fully. We are conditioned from an early age to control our feelings and emotions, and as a result, our muscles tighten and our breathing patterns become restricted. The impact on our mental and physical wellbeing is huge. By learning how to consciously connect to our breath and encourage its natural rhythms, we can harmonise the body and mind, live life fully, find emotional freedom and feel empowered. And Breath teaches readers how to harness the power of conscious breathing, a technique which helps alleviate stress, fatigue and negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression, leaving readers to feel calm yet energised, focused yet relaxed. It is a practical guide to letting go of the unwanted patterns of emotions, blockages and tension which hold us back and includes simple to follow exercises, tips, case studies, interviews and testimonials.”51+IkTZSceL._UY250_-1

If y0u can’t get to her classes, you can reach her by booking here


Yoga has been used for centuries as a way to reconnect the physical, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves. If your trip is following the wellbeing route, Yogashala Ibiza created by Jacqueline Purnell brings to life a unique holiday experience where you can either join a session or participate in a Detox Yoga Retreat. She has taught yoga for many years all over the world, including training yoga teachers for over 10 years in London and Ibiza. She originally trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Derek Ireland in India.  People can go on a holiday course or a teacher training course. Walking Ibiza offers an alternative way to discover the island through 12-day walks, 4-day challenges, kayaking and much more. Born from a love of adventure, Walking Ibiza is so much more than a challenge, it’s a chance to go off the grid, detox from technology and be at one with nature! What trip to Ibiza isn’t complete without a splash in the sea? The Supibiza paddle centre is the biggest paddle surf school on the island and is one exciting way you can explore the hidden beaches and caves.

For those not quite able to get to Ibiza, a quick step towards good gut health is via Renew Life who is a leading natural digestive care and cleansing company, who have just announced that Rosemary Ferguson, (famous 90’s)  model turned nutritionists, has joined the team as a spokesperson as Renew Life is aligned with her health and wellbeing ideals.  The partnership will see Rosemary create a series of gut-friendly juice recipes and menus using Renew Life supplements to support the gut. She will also be providing useful tips to help people achieve everything from glowing skin to optimum gut health through diet and a healthy lifestyle. Rosemary commented on the collaboration ‘I am thrilled to be working with Renew Life as their UK spokesperson. I recommend the brand in my Harley Street clinic and to my 5 Day Plan clients and have always had extremely positive feedback on how effective the range is.

To learn more about renewing life read a full article here

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