Glitz; Shark Shack

By Jo Phillips

With all the glitz and hype of Wimbledon and the World Cup done, it seems as if all the events to watch for the summer have come to an end.  But, there is still one event left for the end of the month.  On par with other American pop-culture phenomena, like the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards, Shark Week is a beloved tradition that takes place each year on the Discovery Channel and has come just in time.

This year marks Shark Week’s 30th anniversary and in celebration, the Discovery Channel has collaborated with pop artist Philip Colbert and The Rodnik Band to create a ‘Shark Shack’.  Creating a new line of clothing and accessories, the two entities have come together to bring the public the Discovery Shark store.  The pop-up is set to open on July 18th, which will lead up to the actual Shark Week programming which premieres on the 22nd of July.  All proceeds from this project will also be donated to The Shark Trust and the Marine Conservation Society.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 12.14.50 PM

The collaboration itself has brought forth a line of clothes for both men and women that present a certain whimsical taste to the forefront.  Spanning from bomber jackets and dresses to mobile phone cases and baseball caps, each piece will carry the design of Phin the Shark, the new symbol for Discovery Shark.  The collection combines the bold pop art aesthetic with the educational and philanthropical initiatives towards ocean conservation.  Products from this line can also be here.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 12.15.06 PM

Not traditionally glamourous, but still important and relevant, the line emanates a zany and glitzy aspect in its very own right.  Located in Old Spitalfields Market, be sure to check out the store and find out more about Shark Week, ocean conservation, and the fashion and art form that emulates it all.

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