Glitz; The Era of Mascara

By Jo Phillips

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyelashes are an ornate frame to a beautiful picture. Long, voluptuous eyelashes have long been a universal symbol of beauty among women seeking to accentuate their lashes. While clothing fads and makeup trends have come and gone, the demand for beautiful lashes has remained. The unparalleled fascination with striking eyelashes has left a lasting impression on modern style, and proved lash care a staple for women throughout the centuries.

The 1800’s were a time of natural beauty and elegant style. Makeup used by women during the Victorian era was subtle, emphasizing the natural colours of the face and featuring naturally long eyelashes. Many women cut the ends of their lashes with the hopes that this would stimulate growth, both in length and thickness.

In 1916, following director D.W. Griffith’s request for actress Seena Owen to “have lashes that brushed her cheeks,” a local wig maker created the first false eyelash appliqué. The trend of enhanced, thick lashes became the craze of the 1920’s and subsequent decades, allowing false eyelashes to become more integrated into high fashion styles and everyday looks.

Seena Owen
Seena Owen

As a part of the counter-cultural and social revolution in the 1960’s, lash volume became a craze that spread around the world. While volume has always been an aspect of eyelash care, it reached its pinnacle as women began fully embracing the mod, high fashion ideals of womanhood, and sought to add emphasis to both the upper and lower lashes.

The early 2000’s featured an array of lash styles that depended on the situation and environment. Always on the go, women required versatile products to match their fast pace. Makeup trends ranged from natural to dramatic lash styles, allowing each individual to meet their needs and preferences with no hassle.



Modern mascara collection Lash FX by Lash Perfect combines the mascara trends and improvements from the past two centuries to create a complete lash wardrobe. The Grow Me Up Lash Serum provides fast growth and length to any natural lash, replicating the lash ideals of Victorian women. The Style Me up Clear Gloss, brings the early 1900’s aesthetic of thick and dramatic eye makeup easily within reach by manipulating the shape and curl of the eyelash. The third item in the collection, Volume Up Black Mascara, brings out the depth and intensity of the lashes for a show-stopping look that characterizes the 1960’s mod style. The final product in the collection, Build Me Up Black Mascara, epitomizes 21st-century women with its multi-step technology that covers a range of looks from natural and muted to dramatic and bold.

This collection is the peak of mascara and lash development that combines years of lash trends for a striking and dramatic flair. These products can be used together or individually to create unique lash styles that incorporate centuries of lash innovation. While each decade has had its lash trends, there is no doubt that every addition has impacted the next. With all of the lash technology developed throughout the years culminating in the ideal of modern mascara, one can only imagine what improvements are to come.


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