Glitz; The Internet Comes Over

By Ravi Basnayake

What’s more reminiscent of the 90s than the scenario of going to see your significant other while the parents aren’t home and sneaking into the garden to wait for that wave of the hand to beckon you over, to hear them utter that sweet “come over”? Well, Come Over, is the very same title of The Internet’s latest release from their upcoming album Hive Mind dropping this month.

Nowadays, The Internet needs no introduction among the young people craving for a good R&B and Soul sound.  After listening to a couple of The Internet’s songs, our creative director and beauty editor told me about PM Dawn, Arrested Development, Shara Nelson who according to them, almost share the same vibes. I did like discovering the latter, given that I’m a huge fan of 90s R&B. And as an avid listener of some of my favourites like Maxwell and TLC, I can see why The Internet resonates 90s for some reason with their smooth funky soul music and their characteristic laid-back look.

But at the same time, I personally do think The Internet is the only band of their kind. Because can we really name any other young band as appealing to watch and listen that promotes young black comradery along with a good sense of style? For instance, with Come Over and its colourful visuals in portraying young love, the band teaches us a lesson of aesthetics that instantly alludes to the carefree 90s.

The song itself is a melodic R&B ballad about wanting something more from a crush but not taking it that much further. After all, can’t we just be satisfied in simply enjoying the company of our boo, to chill by watching tv or sleep-in without sex even being involved? That’s the energy you will find in the music video directed and edited by the leading singer of the group, Syd herself, where all the members including Patrick Paige II, Matt Martians, Christopher Smith and Steve Lacy appear with their love interests– each couple distinguishable in their colour coordinated outfits.

The Internet is more than just a band, it really is a collective of talented artists (who also happen to be friends) capable of doing their own thing with their individual style who join forces to create something special. After their Grammy-nominated Ego Death album in 2016, all the members went solo to find their own path to offer us something more personal. Unsurprisingly, this resulted in epic projects from all 5 members starting with The Drum Chord Theory from Matt Martians, Syd’s Fin and then Steve Lacy’s Demo, Loud from Christopher Smith (aka C&T) and finally Patrick Paige II’s Letters of Relevance.

Yet, going solo didn’t kill the band. Their first Single “Roll“ (Burbank Funk) of the upcoming album, where Steve Lacy leads the group for the first time, had the band appearing stronger than ever. “Come Over” reminds us again how each member shines individually but together, they have the potential to be one of the best R&B bands in the industry.

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