Gran Turismo

By Bella Pallett

Greek culture has been a shining light in our world from the philosophers to the poets, yet the bright and bold contemporary world of Greek design has yet to be widely unearthed. This collection of key talent binds the big elements of the craft all the way from Greece. Read more in Gran Turismo.

Adorno, a digital gallery for the best of collectable design and craft from around the globe has embarked on a new mission to achieve aesthetic coherence through studying contemporary Greek design and the intersection of identity and heritage.

Through bringing Greece’s bright and celebrated antiquity for achievements in architecture, sculpture and design into a crafted collection inspired by heritage and aesthetics the collection highlights some of the best contemporary talents. The country and its talent have become renowned worldwide, however, the contemporary design scene is small and only partially investigated.

Gran Turismo

Compiling a collection of existing work and shedding new light on the contemporary design scene, Adorno has created the collection Gran Turismo to help create a narrative behind the Greek pieces. Sourced from both local and foreign agents they have been placed in a neutral place where they can all coexist in a collection. Whilst finding studios that were distinctly diverse whilst simultaneously holding the same common thread, Adorno has created a collection full of pieces that can intersect whilst also remaining completely unique.

By binding the elements that constitute an elusive notion of ‘Greekness’, such as the references to identity through aesthetic archetypes and cultural stereotypes, Adorno has successfully crafted a collection that holds a bright and bold presence of an unforced classic elegance for our eyes to behold.

Gran Turismo

Featuring the distinct piece of work, Frieze, by Point Supreme that references antiquity though taking a fresh, modern take on a classic temple’s frieze, which is the broad horizontal band of sculpted decoration, usually on a wall. It consists of elements recognisable from the Athenian built environment and décor through incorporating vintage ceramic tiles.

Also featuring Kalodromo’s marble Organ, a piece of sculpture that is completely hand-carved and organic in its craft. The designer Tom Van Kaenel improvises on the form as he works, enhancing the Gran Turismo collection with his freeform confidence. The perseverance of the classical aesthetic is still successfully captured in the craft despite the sculptures abstract appearing.

Finally, the T – 0 0 0 1 vase by Yiannis Vogdanis has been artfully crafted to hold the classic elegance and fluidity of expression that the collection as a whole contains. The vase also maintains a rationale of digital fabrication, making it unique to the collection. With Yiannis Vogdanis’ work, the craft aims to make the viewer feel like they are looking at a traditional craft item of the future through its innovation and design.

Gran Turismo

By looking at a whole new world of contemporary art and design from Greece, we are able to open our eyes to whole new possibilities for expressing themes of identity and heritage through classical elegance and craft. The bright and bold collection of talent shines brightly among the Greek culture that remains inspirational today.

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