Green Steel

By Mohini Babbar

Two friends in a candid conversation open up about a concern to create a fun yet useful space in one of their homes. A space that can act as an escape from the daily hurdles and also add to the home decor. It’s then they share their idea of working with Bamboo, a product that has wonderful properties and is found raw and green in our mother nature. Read more about Green Steel here.

Bamboo is a super plant and is frequently marked ‘the world’s most inexhaustible material’. It is the quickest developing woody plant on the planet. Jokes apart, it can grow up to four feet in a single day.

 Vo Trong Nghia, 

Bamboo as a plant is naturally pest-resistant, 100% biodegradable, anti-fungal, and antibacterial. It’s not unexpected then that bamboo is often named as ‘green steel’ for its adaptability, strength and quality, with whole homes presently being assembled from this hearty plant. For construction purposes, bamboo has been utilized for modest shacks, walls, framework, sunscreens all the way to art galleries and schools.

Bamboo as a structural material has high compression qualities and low weight, and has been one of the most utilized structural materials as a support for concrete. There are some world-renowned places constructed from Bamboo such as Bangkok Tree House Resort in, Thailand Bamboo Courtyard Tea house in China, Green Ladder Pavilion in Australia, Sharma Springs in Indonesia, the 750-square-meter house is assembled essentially from bamboo.

Bamboo Courtyard Teahouse by HWCD Associates

One place that surely catches the eye is the Green School located in Bali. It possibly is the world’s largest bamboo building, particularly “The Heart of the School” – a 60-meter long, brace structure built with 2500 bamboo shafts. The wall-less bamboo campus nurtures holistic, innovative, and purpose-driven inquiry for a community of learners from around the globe. The use of bamboo as a primary building material was an effort to avoid the further depletion of rain forests.

American architect Buckminster Fuller, was one fo the first westerners who saw bamboo as a sustainable and quickly renewable resource for building materials. Check out work form the like of  Kengo Kuma and Vo Trong Nghia for inspirational work. Below see the work of Elora Hardy who has built many bamboo homes

Interestingly bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial without needing any toxic chemical treatments, all thanks to its substance called ‘bamboo kun’. So this great green steel like plant that is known to bend in the wind but never break could be just one of nature’s great green heroes of our assured future.

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