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By Jo Phillips

There are few more annoying first-world problems than a bad hair day. Hair hygiene as well as being an important routine for both men and women and something we must do regularly takes more than just cleaning hair to have a good hair day. Haircare, just like skincare involves proper grooming for us to be able to strut about with glowing locks. Find out more in Hair, Care Here Images Abi Perkins

When our hair is looking good we can’t help but feel good too. While we know to treat and cover other body parts of our bodies our hair is usually left to suffer the pollution, dirt and chemicals all around us.

It may seem strange but as basic as hair care is to do, there are rights and wrongs; not just the products that you use, but how they are being used, as well as knowing when to use specialist products.

Philip Kinglsey Density Thickening Shampoo helps improve the health, condition and quality of fine, fragile, and thinning hair. Philip Kingsley Density Thickening Conditioner is a lightweight thickening and strengthening conditioner that helps improve the health, condition and quality of fine, fragile and thinning hair. Philip Kingsley Density Preserving Scalp Drops, Density contains an innovative active complex designed to help maintain follicle condition and protect hair density and quality over time, when used for three months continuously.


A few simple tricks can make a big difference alongside a few specialist products.

Washing our hair

It goes without saying if your hair gets oily quickly, it needs to be washed more often. Straight hair can get oily quickly. Very curly hair is not as oily and can be washed less often.

Ideally don’t use hot water because it removes all the oiliness of the scalp. This oiliness is that fat that the hair generates naturally, which works as protection.

The rinse is best done with warm, cool or even cold water, as cold water seals the cuticles giving strength to the hair.

Another interesting but maybe lesser know rule is to actually change brands reasonably regularly as the hair gets used to the brand and therefore it may not be as effective. As well as that is recommended that every month or so to use a purifying cleansing shampoo that thoroughly removes the residues left by modelling and contaminating products.

Conditioner is to give the hair a smother-protected feeling, leaving it softer after a harsh water wash.

Innersense Detox hair mask, remove buildup and residue with this clarifying detox mask. Charcoal, Kaolin clay and Certified Organic white vinegar draw microparticles to the surface without stripping hair of natural oils. Innersense pure harmony hair bath, gentle cleansing shampoo for fine to medium hair. Build body and enhance vibrancy. Quinoa, rice extracts, shea butter and coconut and avocado oils nourish and strengthen. This weightless, silicone-free formula perfectly balances hair, leaving it healthy and voluminous. Innersense pure inspiration daily conditioner, a lightweight conditioner to increase moisture and detangle. Crafted with rice bran oil and aloe to strengthen and smooth the hair shaft while orange flower oil delivers beautiful shine. The silicone-free formula eliminates frizz, leaving hair hydrated and happy

Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing, is a smoothing conditioner that is specially formulated to produce results for coarse textured, very wavy, curly and frizzy hair types. Tames and moisturises reduce frizz, add shine, Vegan-friendly. Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Leave-In Conditioner, it protects your hair from damage caused by UV rays and heat styling tools with our leave-in conditioning spray. Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing Smoothing Shampoo is the perfect moisturising shampoo for unruly and rebellious hair types with plenty of natural volumes. It transforms hair from dry and rough to smooth and soft and is ideal for coarse hair textures. E-cooking award-winning repair conditioner, for normal and dry hair that moisturises and nourishes your hair. Repair Conditioner has a fresh scent of flowers and green leaves.

Drying our Hair

When drying with the towel note rubbing it damages your hair, so it’s best to wrap it in the towel so that it absorbs moisture.

Avoid leaving the house in cold months with wet hair as it doesn’t really like the cold and wind. If you are drying your hair with a towel don’t have it too hot and try to maintain a distance of 20 cm. Finish it off with cold air in order to close the cuticle of your hair so the tips are protected.

Last of the good hair advice; don’t forget to brush. Use a good quality brush and only do this when your hair is dry. Brushing stimulates the roots for growth as well as distributes the natural fat that is found on the scalp so that it can cover all the way to the tips.

Perfuming our hair

For the final touch of absolute luxe and to secure that great day hair feeling a touch of perfume goes a long way. But beware. DO NOT use your regular perfume instead invest in your favourite scents’ version of hair perfume. Made up completely differently from regular perfume these hair scents will not dry or damage your hair where regular perfume may.

Gabriell Chanel hair Mist is a sun-kissed fragrance composed of four flowers exotic and intense jasmine, radiant and fruity ylang-ylang, fresh and sparkling orange blossom, and creamy, highly feminine Grasse tuberose. With a new enriched formula, hair appears smoother, softer and shinier. Ella K Lettre De Pushkar Hair Mist is a more oriental and sensual version of the iconic signature perfume Lettre de Pushkar of roses and spicy accords whilst here the vanilla facets of Madagascar vanilla absolute have been exalted. Sevin London Fresh Clay Face, Body & Hair Oil, a mixture of green sea clay, a musky vanilla fragrance with a touch of ylang ylang in the multi-purpose body and hair oil Use it after washing, to improve your hair health and revive it from dryness. The blend of vitamins A, B and E -found in abundance in olive and sweet almond- will restore elasticity and shine while Jojoba oil is proven one of the best natural hair loss treatments.

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