Head to Hands

By Keny Kakadia

Heads shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes… as the kid’s song goes. These parts of our bodies we sometimes forget to look after. From the top of our heads to the ends of our fingers, the words care, care and care are a must. Here are a few tips for keeping these extremities healthy as we get nearer and nearer to much colder weather. Read more here in Head to Hands 

Starting with our hands, those parts of our bodies that have succumb to so much more washing this year. Looking after them and keeping them soft and healthy is harder when we are constantly washing them with strong cleaning anti-bacterial products.

It is very good to have a routine to nourish these vital parts of our bodies.  Burt’s Bees newest hand cream delivers naturally just the results need. The brand has for 30 years extracted eco-friendly beauty care solutions. They offer head-to-toe body care solutions and assure 99% natural origin products and they are free from phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or SLS (Sodium lauryl sulphate), and no animal testing is done. 

Burt’s Bees has reformulated their Almond and Milk hand cream with sweet almond oil and vitamin E and their signature ingredient Bees wax. 

Almond milk hand cream helps to look at the moisture in your skin up to 24 hours. Whilst the sweet almond oil works as a conditioner whereas the beeswax and vitamin E keeps your hands hydrated. And nutty almond scent release relaxes senses. 

Massage the hand moisturiser into your hand before stepping out in the daytime and before your bedtime to soothe hydrate and relax your dry skin and even this moisturiser is Great for elbows, knees, and feet too.

Now it’s time for hair nourishment routine.

As Summer is turning to Autumn, are you worried about your hair because it may look frizzy and dry after washing it in this weather? Not only for the skin there is a solution for your crowning glory too. AQUIS turban the ultra-absorbent AquitexTM fabric wicks water away at the point of contact it helps to reduce water damage and while your hairs are getting dry it eliminates 50% frizz, split-ends, and potential breakage as When hair is wet, keratin absorbs water rapidly causing the hair to swell and stretch, weakening it up to 56%*. Whereas AQUIS’ Double Layer Turban makes your hair feels stronger and smoother before you even begin to style. 

AQUIS’ Double Layer Turban has two colourways Midnight Blue & Stormy Sky. Both the colourways are having its own quality stormy sky is inside the turban which has AquitexTM technology, paired with a sleek silk charmeuse layer in Midnight Blue on the outside. This exclusive combination helps you to have healthy and refreshed hair, day and night. 

In morning after shower wrap our hairs with the turban to repair and nourishment whereas at night the turban maximises your beauty sleep, helping you to wake up with crisp curls and flawless definition. Isn’t that amazing this turban saves your hair with heat damage too… and makes Hair looks and feels softer, stronger and smoother and is easier to style.

AQUIS Turban is a complete sustainable brand woman who usually uses a blow dryer can save 19,500 watts and 13 hours per year by using an AQUIS Towel or Turban. While manufacturing they avoid releasing micro plastics into our water systems, meaning no pollution to our oceans. Additionally, AQUIS resemble bags are recyclable, and the orange tie on the bag is a free gift, a silicon hair tie. The dyes used on AQUIS Towels & Turbans are non-toxic.

Self-care an essential element in our life. Pamper yourself the products which has the power of nature and which works in favour of nature.

Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream is available now from burtsbees.co.uk. 

The AQUIS Double Layer Turban in Midnight Blue & Stormy Sky is available now, exclusively from Lookfantastic.com

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