Heal The World

By Melinda Aissani

When it comes to thinking about the planet we are well aware in order to preserve it, we need to work on our consumption.  sadly we also know millions of fashion garments are being dumped into landfills or being burnt every year, as well as dangerous microplastics non, biodegrade materials left in landfill increase the pollution of the earth and the oceans.  Some brands have thought carefully about finding solutions to heal our world. Leading global fashion brands are trying to find new sustainable solutions. Yet there are some brands that base their initial goals on the Sustainable Development Goals which are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. These were set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and intended to be achieved by the year 2030. But time flies, and we have only 10 years to achieve these goals.  That is why the SDGs (sustainable development goals) are designed to bring the world to several life-changing ‘zeros’, so the planet doesn’t pay the price.

Many new fashion companies have, for some of their main objectives, focused on green fashion. Even if there is still pollution like CO2 emissions, transport for goods, for example, 100% sustainable, not here yet, but these companies are very invested and careful in the way they create and sell their clothes.

Let’s introduce you, to a small selection of fashion companies you can choose from to reduce your consumption and know you are buying quite simply, better; for us and our world.

SEP, is a luxury fashion & lifestyle business brand focused on social impact. SEP is a sustainable brand, clothes and accessories are made with embroidery undertaken with hand. For using minimal machinery, most part of the conception is hand-made
They use recycled materials, and SEP ensures avoiding chemical colouring. They take inspiration from the fusion of Italian style with the best Middle Eastern Craftsmanship. SEP stands for a social enterprise project, which consists of bringing thousands of refugees above the poverty line through employment. The company is located in the Jerash Camp in Jordan and works with over 500 embroidery Artists.  They took the opportunity to create sustainable paths to economic independence for hundreds of women and their families. In 2020, SEP became a Certified B Corporation.

Frescobol Carioca brand partnered with Parley For The Oceans. They collaborate on their wider mission for change, to support beach clean-ups and community campaigns in Brazil. The collection of athleisure pieces created from Parley’s OCEAN PLASTIC® is based on sustainability. As the new season swimwear is produced by ECO LUNA fabric, made in Spain from 100% recycled plastic. Collected in Europe to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in both landfills and our oceans.

Its mission for customers is to offer well-made and wearable wardrobes cut from the finest fabrics that will stand the test of time ecologically responsible and, biodegradable based on derived plant materials such as linen, Tencel and organic cotton. Focus also on a human-centred approach that offers meaningful employment within local South American communities. They tend to be manufactured in small quantities to try to eliminate waste caused by overproduction.

Furthermore, for online orders, the boxes are ecologically-responsible, prioritizing recycled and recyclable materials in place of single-use plastic within the supply chain, with new poly-bags made from recycled plastic.

Another sustainable brand. Contemporary London womenswear label Saywood, created in 2020 by Harriet Saywood-Bellisario. A designer with over ten years of experience in the fashion industry. She creates ethically made collections that deliver beautiful edits of wardrobe essentials, focused on shirting. Modern and timeless based on contemporary slow fashion. Each piece is made to be worn and re-worn. Collections are built on quality pieces with longevity in mind. With the approach of working with sustainable fabrics and local makers. Offering consumers the chance to build up their own sustainable wardrobe. Focused on natural fibres, recycled materials and deadstock fabrics as much as possible.

Frescobol Carioca and Saywood

Established in 2020, meet, The VWL means the Vegan Way of Life. Based on elevating sportswear with luxurious details, combined with fine crafting atelier work. VWL creates collections which embody the California lifestyle involved in wellness and eco-sustainable. A vegan brand, they don’t use materials of animal origin, and work with certified environmentally friendly materials with no compromise on premium quality and designs.


The brand Tiger Of Sweden, for Spring/Summer 2023 collection created under the direction of Bryan Conway, named ‘’Fabulous You, Beautiful Me’’, brings 62% of fibres with a lower environmental impact. The fibres are certified recycled and organic.
They use Tencel ™ Lyocell fully biodegradable and compostable. Designed on T-shirt from 100% Tencel™ Lyocell fibres.

Also for leaving the air cleaner with lower C02 emissions and causing less water impact than conventional viscose they use LENZING™ ECOVERO™, a semi-synthetic cellulosic fibre made with wood pulp extracted from renewable wood sources.

The brand recycled also, polyester to keep waste to a minimum and ensure a lower environmental footprint, and used SpinDye colouring which guarantees a lower environmental footprint for crafted accessories, travel bags and purses. Cupro fibre is deployed for clothes such as skirts, shirts or shorts to offer silk-like properties and breathability. For the most used fibres, they bring responsible Wool (RWS) for tailored pieces and pullover styles seen in menswear and womenswear to guarantee the welfare of the sheep and the land they graze on. Last but not least, they promised ethical leather and chrome-free Leather Sneakers.

Tiger of Sweden

In terms of accessories, Haimat Atlantica creates a sustainable bag. . Created by Spanish Montserrat Alvarez and founded in 2016 she works with talented craftswomen. She seeks to preserve and transform specific know-how from the Atlantic coast. The goal is to create a 100% brand made in Europe, but still, keep the authenticity of the traditional accessories and clothes. The colourful traditional handmade bags embellished with porcelain talismans which attract love are made with handcrafted leather and porcelain, every leather leftovers from the production of the collection are re-used to reduce waste to the minimum.

The new collection uses the traditional Portuguese bag and the porcelain fetishes of Sargadelos (Galicia, Spain). Each amulet represents universal values for all human beings: happiness, love, honour, and money. The brand became popular with its first project.

Even footwear needs to be sustainable. Many brands tend to spotlight the ecology problems related to sneakers that are not biodegradable. 

Haimat Atlantica

The brand YY nation is an ethical and sustainable brand, founded in 2018. The idea was to put his shoe-making talents towards creating footwear that was the world’s most sustainable shoes, ones with a good environmental footprint. YY Nation is a Zero Carbon Certified brand by Ekos ™, no CO2 emissions are released into the atmosphere.

Thanks to its natural materials, such as Merino Wool from New Zealand farms. Ethically sourced and traceable, which is soft, durable, temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking. Then Bamboo is used as a durable yarn, grown in OEKO certified and sustainable forests. For leather replacements, pineapples are the best. In fact, the leaves from pineapples are collected and turned into a durable and natural leather alternative. The colours are made from natural algae bloom and white coloured outsoles are made with sugarcane. Sustainably grown sugarcane helps remove CO2 from the environment. 

Even the boxes are sustainable, made from 100% FSC cardboard. The next goal is to up-cycling good shoes by taking back old shoes. They will be restored to resell, or gifted to those in need even old YY Nation shoes. The brand works directly with farmers to make sure the wool is of the highest quality.

YY Nation

Founded in 2020 by David Roubach, Balena is a material science company, developing compostable and biodegradable thermoplastic materials. Their goal is to solve the fashion industry’s biggest challenge, the products’ end of life. Indeed they created their first sliders, also the first in the world to be made entirely of BioCir™. The material BioCir™ is a thermoplastic material which consists of reducing toxic fossil fuels. Balena’s top priority is to replace polluting, non-compostable, and synthetic materials currently in use across different industries. The material breaks down to carbon dioxide, water, and other naturally occurring minerals. Seamlessly biodegrade, avoiding the pollution of the earth and the seas.

The idea was an online sneakers brand that would plant trees for each sale. Starting with a simple awareness campaign, it becomes quickly a huge success. SAYE was finally launched in March 2018 under a different name, Wado. Their collection,Modelo ’65 Vegan is made from 100% water-repellent organic cotton. 100% made in Spain using innovative bio-based and recycled materials. Made with bamboo lining and the sole is made from 70% recycled rubber. The waterproof M65 comes in four different colours. SAYE is fighting against deforestation while empowering forest-dependent communities. By funding the growth of two trees for each sale of sneakers.


For the next evolution in sustainable footwear meet Voyloks available online since February 2022. The boots are inspired by traditional Russian valenki footwear worn by families in the North for over a century. Made with wool and hot water, a zero-waste production method that dates back to pre-history.

Each pair comes with a recyclable rubber overshoe that can be easily slipped on and off. There are 400 available online across two colourways, light grey with a red or black overshoe. Perfect for every season, to keep you warm in the coldest temperatures, and keep you comfortable in the heat of summer.
Voyloks are crafted with hand by skilled workers based in the north of Russia.

” This, combined with our slow fashion philosophy will result in our customers consuming less – but getting more.”

VOYLOK founder Andrei Petrov


When it comes to awareness, we need to focus also on future generations. In real life, sure, but also in virtual life.
Indeed, the fashion designer Marine Serre has collaborated with Skinvaders digital clothing company. Based on sustainable fashion, and put into the metaverse, to digitise the Marine Serre Hard Drive collection.

But it’s not all, this collection will be also in physical form. Allowing customers to enjoy it both in the physical and digital worlds. The opportunities for luxury fashion brands to reach new audiences continue to be explored, especially reaching Gen Z .

Marine Serre and Skinvaders

In the near future, we hope all consumers will buy good products, across diverse sustainable industries. New solutions will be added to further Heal The World.

I want the beach to be pristine as it was when I first visited Maui 20 years earlier so my children and their children can enjoy nature as I have.”

Jeremy Founder of The brand YY nation 

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