Heal Your Soul

By Catarina Figueiredo Soares

Ever been in a dark place in your life sitting, worrying, still outside and a butterfly or a bird came to you? It might not be such a coincidence as we think, it could be your angels or the universe trying to communicate with you. This happens not only when you are feeling down but also when you need just a little bit of hope or even when you are super happy. This connection can help find hope and comfort or even bring about a cure or steps towards a better and more in sync life. Maybe you love meditating and being in that state of peace of mind, Annick Knutsen recently launched a collection of candles to reconnect our souls to the universe, to connect with our own inner peace and inner self love. In this journey of full-on healing, discover more about Synchronicity Scents Candles, here in Heal Your Soul.

Let’s start off by introducing you to the creator of this beautiful balanced collection of candles, Annick Knutsen. She found herself in a challenging period of her life and she discovered peace and strength in meditation. And via meditation it could be said she found her ‘calling’.

She decided to create a brand of candles because it was something she always wanted to do, as well as, she felt it was a sign from the universe whilst meditating. Using angel cards the card that appeared first was ‘Synchronicity’ which she chose as the name of the brand. The second card was ‘Love’ which is one of the candles’ names and thereafter other cards became the names of the other four candles. Each candle is scented to help the mind body balance achieve the required emotion set out by the designer.

Find out about the five different scents emotions and even the insects that she felt were part of her scented journey.


“Love soy wax candle is an all-embracing scent that tenderly nurtures and nourishes the soul whilst fostering a positive energy of self-care and harmony”.

This scent is embracing, nurturing, and nourishing the soul while promoting positive energy of harmony and self-care. This candle has the hummingbird as its symbol due to his adaptability, playfulness, and joy.

This bird also reminds us to be optimistic and embrace life seeing as he is small however he travels long distances. The essential oils present are orange (to build acceptance and process negative emotions), geranium (provides tranquillity) and olibanum (for introspection and meditation). Adding to the amazing and loving fragrance are clove flower (inspires goodness and growth helping us move forward and trust), patchouli (mindful and centring) and vanilla (to truly give and receive love and also for self-care).


“Hope is a bright, mood-boosting fragrance that encourages positivity of mind and body whilst providing a moment of quiet reflection, reassurance and optimism.”

Sometimes, in our challenging moments in life, we just need a bit of hope; to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. This candle brings a bright scent, uplifting your mood and providing moments of optimism and reassurance.

The dragonfly reminds us to stay positive through defiant times. To pass on this energy, red mandarin (soothing and uplifting), oakmoss (grounding and calming), ylang ylang (reconnects body and soul to encourage self-belief) and lavender (balances our emotions) are infused in the soy wax candle.


“Strength is an energising and fortifying blend that promotes resilience, courage and focus.”

Love, Hope and Strength candles

For good or bad times, focus, courage, and resilience is much needed. This candle enlightens us with that and more seeing as it is infused with clary sage (eases tension and fills us with confidence), jasmine (promotes vitality and energy) and camomile (reawaken sensuality).

This scent will energise and fortify our soul and the little insect featured here is the bee reminding us that if we work together, we are stronger. 


“Compassion encourages us to think of others with kindness and throw our arms around those we love.”

Embracing life to the fullest is what ladybirds are all about so this simple creature is the image of this candle.

The scent promotes us to think of others with kindness, be kind to ourselves and embrace the ones we love. With sweet basil (awakening and uplifting), camomile (empathy and peace) and sandalwood (aura of unity, peace, wisdom, and serenity) this fragrance will help us choose our loving and kind side.


“Transform is a magical fragrance to inspire you to embrace and accept change and to move forwards in your life with optimism.”

Transform candle

Dealing with changes is often a challenging situation because we tend to resist it. Transform is a creation to help accept and embrace change to allow us to move forward with positivity. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, so they tend to visit us when we are going through a moment of change or overcoming challenges. To install this energy, green tea (supports the willpower to change), rosemary (purifies the spirit), mimosa (optimistic vibration) and rose (inspires and motivates) oils are present.

Being kind to ourselves and connecting to the Universe doesn’t mean we have to harm the environment. This range of candles is made with soy wax and housed in a glass jar that can be repurposed after being used. The inks are biodegradable and the mushroom packaging is compostable (meaning that if you put it in the soil it will disintegrate and those nutrients will be nutritious to the soil). From the heart, created with love, this range is ethical and tries to minimise its environmental footprint, whilst helping our own hearts we can also help heal our planet. Full-on love that might bring you just what you need to live your best life.

To start your journey and reconnect to the universe, find out more about Synchronicity Scents Candles here.

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