.Power ; Healthy Hair Isn’t as Impossible as You Thought

By Sufana Hammad

With summer finally here, your hair needs attention, now more than ever. As a curly-haired girl myself, I completely agree that humidity and hair frizz is our ultimate enemy. These past few days, humidity has been on the rise during the summer, leaving our mascara runny and the moisture of the weather swelling our hair’s cuticles, making the hair all poofy and lion-like. If you want to get rid of the frizziness and uneven split ends – why not look at the likes of Aquis and Boucléme .

Aquis is a California-based company that proves how just the way you dry your hair effects your hair tremendously. Aquis takes pride in their products, since they allow people with all different hair textures be able to embrace their natural hair, with the tender love and care it needs. They have just released a duo package, that has a sole purpose of catering to the needs of hair that desperately needs proper drying. The duo consists of a hair towel and a hair turban with  specific instructions for each. The hair towel and turban are made of super-absorbent, soft texture, that treats your hair with the gentleness it deserves. Aquis’ products gave us the exact wake-up call we needed. We can’t keep waiting for a good hair day to come, or else we would all die with frizzy, unhealthy and untamed hair. Instead of hoping for a miracle, we take care of our hair the way it deserves so we can enjoy a good hair day every day.


Other than drying your hair properly, you also have to use the right products that fit what your hair needs. Boucléme is a hair products company that specialises in curly hair as it requires more attention and a lot more hydration that other hair textures.



Perfecting curls is important to the company, but Boucléme also is passionate about being environmentally friendly – by using only natural ingredients in their products and avoid animal testing at all costs. Boucléme takes pride in their preservation of nature in their products, making them sulphate and silicone free, which are common in hair products but bad for your curls. Did we also mention they Boucléme’s packaging is recyclable?


Boucléme’s mission consists of a three-simple step process – to cleanse, to condition and lastly, to define your curls with all the nourishment and shininess it needs. Of course, hair texture has no gender, but many people associate hair products with women. Despite that, Boucléme has released a new mini travel set with unisex packaging for their products because both men and women need their curls taken care of. So, this summer, get yourself some Boucléme products, whether it’s the hair mask, shampoo and conditioner or even a hair oil,  try out the products and start your journey to the strong curls club.


With these products,  you can now begin the journey of having the golden, shiny locks you’ve always wanted. All thanks to constantly evolving innovations, that specialise in our frizzy needs.

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