Helping Scent

By Noemie Hamon

Sonia Rykiel, the famous designer, said: “Perfume is like a parenthesis, a moment of freedom, peace, love and sensuality in between the disturbances of modern living”. A vibrant perfume can take you anywhere you need or want. In a bustling life that never slows down, an escape path to travel and imagine another world is so appreciated. A great perfume can help by taking us on a journey, it’s an escape from our everyday life. Embark on a trip with us in Helping Scent. Main Image Jason Yates.

The first trip starts on an island. It seems deserted, but the gentle breeze carries with it dance, music and words. The night has just fallen and far away in the forest, a blazing red light dances through the trees. A lovely and robust scent takes you to a campfire. Around it, people dance and laugh. Their joy fills the atmosphere and nothing else matters.

There are sailors, pirates and even vacationers, everyone talking together. There are no more barriers, only joy and partying count. They wisely drink a mixture of spiced Rhum, sugar cane and orange juice. Forest grasses surround the camp and the air is fragrant with all these odours. What a delight for the senses.

This nighttime party is the kind of trip you can access, via your mind’s eye, not really by travelling right now in 2021. Yet the latest fragrance from D.S & DURGA St.Vetyver is a perfume that allows for this kind of travelling.

Your travel wishes come alive via facets of sour orange, pink pepper and seagrass, a wonderful mix that makes you dream of faraway locations. However, the key to travel is to add exotic and unexpected elements to a scent. Here the duo has added cane sugar and clove leaf, but that’s not all. The final result is obtained with vetyver, that wonderful dried wild grass element alongside breadnut and agricultural rum for an ultimate divine sense of faraway islands.

St.Vetyver is the newest perfume from the niche fragrance makers D.S & Durga. David and Kavi are two passionate that “started from scratch” and that created magic perfumes, as St.Vetyver. However, travel via fragrance is what you are after then meet Salt by Ellis Brooklyn.

The second trip starts at home. It was a long day, your muscles ache you feel empty of all emotions after such a hard day of work. ‘All you need is love’ says the song. Well, at this moment all you need actually is a little affection, a comforting gesture to enhance the end of your day. While you are laying on your couch, so tired, you remember a package that arrived in the morning as you were rushing off to work.

The package contains a box, you feel a little bit excited. Opening this little blue box, here is a colourful perfume. It is Salt, an eau de parfum by Ellis Brooklyn.

Opening the bottle a lovely scent invades your space, and you feel automatically like you are by the sea.

Then you recognize all the ingredients of the perfume you ordered. Ylang Ylang meets with Violet Leaves Absolute sublimated by Tahitian Tiare and Magnolia Dianica. After a moment on this beach, you even recognize the dry notes of musk, ambergris, ambrox and sandalwood.

The scent rises taking you immediately to the sand and crashes waves giving you a hug of sunshine all at the same time. It allows you to travel where you want without leaving home.

Ellis Brooklyn creator, Bee Shapiro, wanted sophisticated and clean fragrances options. That is why in 2015 she has created her brand. Since then, they develop perfumes like Salt or Sweet; with its lovely fragrance composed of pear, ambrette, marshmallow and natural orris. However, for those who would like to try everything from her, find the Library Fragrance Discovery Set, to discover every fragrance in the collection.

Helping scents are these perfumes that put a smile on the face of every person who engages with them. These elixirs that you can take with you in your thoughts. Take that helping hand and jump wherever you wish to be in the world.

You can find and buy both products here.

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