Home; A Sanctuary

By Imogen Hart

During this uncertain time, it is important to surround yourself with realms of positivity. Staying indoors and dreaming of the outdoors can be tasking at best. However, with the right combination of scents, you can transport yourself to the outside world. What may seem something quite slight will have a deep long-lasting effect on you. mood and will enhance your home into a sanctuary. Image on left-hand side Jason Yates.


A wonderful way to stop feeling trapped within your home is through candles and reed diffusers. Certain scents can trigger memories, reminding you of a simpler time and giving you hope for returning to normality. Using candles and reed diffusers can open up your home, creating a sanctuary of positivity.


Linari have introduced a spectrum of scented candles, each incredibly unique, yet familiar. Filling your home with these nostalgic scents can be a powerful tool in getting through this lockdown, especially for those without a garden.




Combining citrusy scents of grapefruit and Italian orange blossom with Turkish rose, freesia, patchouli and cedar; this floral fragrance will transport you to a fresh meadow on a summer day.




Packed with yang-ylang, rose, lily of the valley, jasmine and carnation; this scented candle combines these scents in order to create the perfect bouquet which is sure to trigger memories of a colourful, floral garden.




Translating to ‘clear’ and ‘bright’, the Kyara scented candle intertwines notes of Guaiac resin, nutmeg, amber, cedar wood and earthy patchouli; creating a musky and woody scent which will remind you of a long stroll through the forest on a warm day.




This oceanic inspired candle combines tones of bergamot, pink grapefruit, lime and orris in order to create a fresh and clear scent which is sure to remind you of beach days and sea breeze.


Scattering these scented candles around your home is guaranteed to create a sense of the outdoors from the comfort of your sofa, ultimately creating a more enjoyable lockdown lifestyle.


Similarly, reed diffusers are a fantastic way to accessorise your home with a range of new or familiar scents. Whilst smelling and looking aesthetically pleasing, reed diffusers are also sustainable as you can purchase oils to refill the diffuser once you have finished.


Whilst candles only fill your home with scent whilst they are burning, reed diffusers keep your room alive with amazing scents permanently. Urban Apothecary are known for their fragrances, specifically their reed diffusers.


Coconut Grove


In a time where we can’t travel, why not transport yourself to a tropical island? With scents of coconut, mandarin and lime; this creamy-scented reed diffuser will submerse you into a realm of relaxation.


Green Lavender


This herby, aromatic fragrance is packed with notes of fresh lavender, lemon balm, sage and orris, which will take you to a tranquil, green garden in summer.


Velvet Peony


This floral and fresh reed diffuser will remind you of a spring walk in the English countryside. This familiar yet timeless fragrance combines the smell of rose, violet, peach and raspberry; ultimately creating a crisp, clean and floral scent.


Combining artistry with home decor, artist and photographer Martyn Thompson has worked closely with Jo Malone in order to collaborate in creating a collection of candles and reed diffusers sure to make your home a sanctuary of scents.


Mimosa & Cardamom Design Edition Candle


Whilst being incredibly visually appealing, this candle also carries a breathtaking scent. Combining honeyed mimosa and crushed cardamom, this scent is sure to immerse your home in an unmistakably fresh fragrance.


Peony & Blush Suede Design Edition Luxury Candle


This luxurious scented candle carries top notes of peonies in the prime of their bloom and blush suede, ultimately creating a floral and flirty fragrance. The packaging of the candle has also been intricately designed by Martyn Thompson, making this luxury candle a beautiful decoration for the home.


Lime Bail Mandarin Design Edition Candle


This undeniably fresh and crisp scent combines the zesty notes of lime basil and mandarin, guaranteed to leave your home smelling clean and citrusy, creating an uplifting and energising environment.


Another excellent addition to the home is the new MOR’s Marshmallow Petite Reed Diffuser. Packed with scents of snow musk, white carnations and jasmine, combined with marshmallow and vanilla; this sweet and floral fragrance is guaranteed to make your home smell delicious.


The Italian brand Acqua di Parma have bought two new scents to the market, available in both candles and reed differs. Aperitivo in Terrazza and Profumi dell’Orto are both a celebration of Italian scent.  This home collection of candles and diffusers are full of stimulating compositions based on typical moments of Italian living. 


Aperitivo in Terrazza reminisces sitting outside in Italy at dusk with friends as the sun goes down, think citric aromas of lime, blood orange and grapefruit. The right bitter touch of gentian, together with the warm spicy tones of cinnamon. 


Whilst Profumi dell’Orto celebrates the Italian garden. The pleasure of seeing mint, basil, tomatoes and all the other produce of your garden grow day by day.


 The strong smell of thyme and the freshness of mint are perfectly balanced, made complete by the scent of basil. A combination of aromas with the crisp scents of tomato leaves, as well as the sparkling touch of verbena and the lively spicy scent of pepper. 

Adding to the new collection is the Acqua di Parma x La Double J Arancia di Capri 500g candle. There have also been additions made to their hand care range; Arancia di Capri Hand Wash & Hand Cream (exclusively with Harrods).  The sun-filled sparkling tones of orange, mandarin and lemon meet the freshness of petitgrain and the intensity of cardamom, together with the light accents of caramel and the sensual tones of musk.

Acqua di Parma have also announced the opening of their brand new boutique which sits at Piazza di Spagna 27, right in the heart of Rome.

Some perfumers are helping us in these challenging times with new ways of incorporating scent into our very changed lives.


Experimental Perfume Club has always offered unique open-access fragrance workshops in London, inspiring scent enthusiasts and budding perfumers.


Having had to close their workshop doors for the last few months, perfumer and founder of Experimental Perfume Club, Emmanuelle Moeglin reacted to the changing environment, by offering online classes. From a free mini session to an advanced creation course, so the learning and experimenting never has to end.


Today Experimental Perfume Club is proud to launch a brand new Bespoke Collection and Discovery Set which allows customers to create and customise their own fragrance online as opposed to in-store.


The new Bespoke Collection includes 20 unique blends, carefully curated by Emmanuelle, to sample and wear at home. Customers can go online to use the LAYERS formula finder’s in-house algorithm, and receive a shortlist of formulas that match their unique olfactory profile. Their favourite fragrance can then be ordered in a full-size personalised bottle.

If only there was a product that smells amazing and works amazing. Well, the dual-action hand and room Sanitizer Spray by The Perfume Story is now available; containing oils that have deep and sometimes hidden properties.


Juniper oil is known as a powerful detoxifier and immune system booster. For years French hospital wards would burn juniper and rosemary in order to help protect patients against lingering bacteria and infections.

Dating back thousands of years, thyme was burned by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a form of incense in temples, homes and holy places to ward off airborne bacteria and microbes. Thyme oil is also reputed to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and provides relief for chest congestion.


Myrtle is a herb that the Ancient Egyptians knew had therapeutic properties, and they would macerate the leaves in wine to counter fever and infection. The oil has clarifying, cleansing, refreshing and uplifting properties. It is said to be an oil that is emotionally revitalising, curbing self-defeating feelings and great as a distress oil.

This unique product packed with natural detoxing and antibacterial essential oils, work to protect and sanitize. This product also contains 70% alcohol, vitamins A and C, and also includes a secret Moisturiser that nourishes and hydrates the skin. Chemical scented hand sanitizers can leave skin feeling sore, dry and dehydrated, so this leaves your skin feeling soft, on top of its medical properties.


Lastly, the new home fragrance range from Parterre has been created to bring the scents botanical gardens directly into your home. There are three scents to choose from – Citrus, Spice and floral Padua, each inspired by a different area of our gardens. The candles and reed diffusers are presented in ceramic holders and elegantly boxed, and all three scents are also available as room sprays.

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